Friday, September 10, 2010

A Little Pricey, Lady From "Lady And The Tramp" Is A Good Plush!

The Good: Cute, Well-made, Exceptionally good rendering
The Bad: Doesn't DO anything, Expensive
The Basics: A good rendering of Lady from Lady And The Tramp, the 10" plush Lady stuffed animal is worth it for fans.

For those who might not follow my reviews, I have no particular love of Disney, either as a creator of movies or as a company given its corporate philosophies and practices. I'm, in fact, always bummed out when Disney buys out a corporation I actually liked (it pains me to know my Iron Man 2 movie tickets help to fund Disney or every boxed set of Lost I buy does the same). So, when my partner dragged me to the Disney Store I instantly tightened up. She, however, has been diligently looking for a Lady plush, a "teddy bear" of Lady from Lady And The Tramp (click here for my review of the film!). After repeated visits, we managed to find one and now life is very good for my partner, who loves Lady and wanted something on hand for when our geriatric cocker spaniel, Mitzie, bites the dust. The cuddly 10" Lady might well have to do.

The 10" plush Lady toy is made by Disney and sold through the Disney Store. They are generally found in the massive pile of stuffed animals at the Disney Store or on-line for those who do not like digging through piles of fluffy things. We clawed through the pile of stuffed animals in search of Lady numerous times before they restocked her, but she does appear to be currently available.


Disney makes plush toys based on various animals in their films, both contemporary and classic. They are manufactured in China and tend to be sold through Disney-exclusive outlets (i.e. I have never seen these plush toys at Toys R Us). These stuffed toys are designed to look cute and resemble the characters from the movies. In the case of the Lady Disney toy, this is a little orangish tan dog-shaped stuffed animal with two embroidered eyes which look like patches. Lady has a soft nose sewn into her face and her mouth is partly open. The plush looks very much like a cocker spaniel and the floppy ears are adorable and flexible. Lady also comes with her tag and collar, the former of which is little more than a gold lame diamond on the front of the collar. The feet are not terribly well-detailed and Lady's left hind paw has a Disney patch on it designating this as an exclusive Disney toy.

The stuffed toy stands up on all four feet and is ten inches nose to tail and ten inches tall. She is 5 1/2" wide and is very well-detailed. The toy has flexible ears that allow it to take up more width if one wants it to. My partner went through about seven of the Lady plush dolls before finding one that was "perfect," so despite this being a mass-produced stuffed animal, there are stitching variations on each one. I saw some that had slightly off-center mouths and less eyebrow detailing than the one we bought.

But for the most part, I was impressed by this three-dimensional rendering of the two-dimensional character. Lady looks exactly like the title cocker spaniel from Lady And The Tramp. Fans of that film are likely to be quite impressed.

Lady as a Disney toy is composed primarily of polyester fibers and polyethylene pellets.


Lady, given that she is based upon a cute little dog from an animated movie, does not have much that she could be accessorized with. She comes with her collar (which is like a sweatband as far as the material goes) and tag and that is all.


Lady is not much for play, though she does stand up on her plush feet. She balances perfectly and she is soft and cuddly, so this is kidsafe and fans of the film as well as young children are likely to enjoy hugging or snuggling with this toy.


Disney toys appear to have been around for years and Lady appears and disappears from the market. One suspects that Disney will keep making the 10" Lady plush until demand is fully met. Ours bore a $16.50 price tag, which I thought was pretty hefty, but frequently Disney does deals like 2/$25, which was going on when we bought our Lady. Sadly, we could not find another Disney plush we wanted for the deal.


Our Lady is cute, makes for a nice display piece or something to cuddle with when my partner wants something other than me. For the price, it is a great rendering of the lovable character from the film.


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