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Dog Treats For Hipsters (Not Their Dogs!): The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks Underwhelm!

The Good: Wonderful, quality, ingredients
The Bad: No dental benefits, Expensive, Benny is not at all excited by them.
The Basics: The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks might make high-quality dog treats, but this is one I couldn't coax Benny into eating more than once!

I understand the appeal of high-quality products for people and their pets. I get it, there are people who want to eat healthy and will pay a premium for that and there are pets who have allergies and need to be on special diets. Despite that, sometimes, I encounter a product and I roll my eyes, thinking "who is this product really for?" Such was the case when I received a bag of The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks. I understand that some dogs might needs wheat, corn and soy free treats, but I've never had a dog that actually ate bananas.

Benny, my new English Setter, is no exception to that trend.

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks smelled great, proving their wonderful and natural ingredients, but Benny was entirely indifferent to them, proving to my wife and I that the treats were meant to appeal to dog owners more than their canine companions!


The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks are an all-natural treat for dogs. They are a soft treat, so they have no noticeable dental benefits for dogs. Or rather, they would not have real dental benefits for dogs if a dog would even eat them!

Banana Safari Snacks left me ultimately unimpressed because Benny could not be enticed into trying them more than once. The Banana Safari Snacks Treats are tan lumps that are reminiscent of macaroon cookies in their shape. Each snack is 1 1/4” in diameter and 1/2” thick. The Banana Safari Snacks come in a 5 ounce resealable bag, which has at least twenty treats, as the treats are approximately .25 oz. each.

Ease Of Preparation

The fresh-baked treats are soft and mealy; this is actually a fairly messy treat when the dog actually tries to eat it. Preparing the The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks for consumption is very easy; simply open the bag and remove a treat for your dog. I highly recommend having water nearby for the dog to drink as they eat the Banana Safari Snacks!

Benny’s Reaction

Benny was entirely unimpressed by these treats. The first time we gave him a The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks, he took it in his mouth, walked two steps, dropped the treat and turned and looked at me with an expression that was the English Setter equivalent to "what the hell did you just give me?!" Benny tried one, fracturing it easily into two pieces and a lot of crumbs, then swallowing the pieces. Benny did not feel inclined to clean up the pieces.

The subsequent attempts to feed Benny The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks resulted in Benny dropping the treat from his mouth and leaving them. Perhaps the best commentary I can make on how unappealing these treats were to Benny was the fact that as I wrote this review, I opened the bag and removed the treats for measurement and Benny, who is nearby, did not even lift his head to try to look at them. These are aromatic enough that Benny can smell them and he cares so little about them that he does not try to get at them and will not eat them when placed right before him.


These treats would be pretty good for dogs if only the dog would eat them. Dog owners should have clean drinking water available to their dog when they feed them this treat. The The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Banana Safari Snacks is a dietary supplement, not a full meal. The Banana Safari Snacks have at least 10.93% crude protein (which is an oddly specific amount for a minimum!), 15.28% crude fat, and no more than .83% crude fiber and 12.08% moisture, so those looking out for their dog's specific dietary needs, that might help. The Banana Safari Snacks are made primarily of rolled oats, Honey, and palm oil. There are no recognizable preservatives, so these treats are actually very natural! The treats we picked up two weeks ago had a September 2, 2018 expiration date, which surprised me.


The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. seems to be a decent company, but their Banana Safari Snacks were solidly rejected by my dog and my wallet!

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