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An Average Blend From Lavazza: Lavazza Caffe Filtro Ground Coffee

The Good: Caffeinated, Flavorful
The Bad: Not overly flavorful, Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee is all right: not exceptional, not bad.

I often find myself looking for new coffees to thrill me and every now and then, I stumble upon a decent staple coffee. Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee might be that; it is a good, but not incredible coffee. I tend to like dark roast coffees and the Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee is not that. For a medium roast coffee, Lavazza Caffe Filtro is all right, but it is not a coffee that is going to excite consumers.


Lavazza is a premium coffee company that recreates an Italian coffee experience. We found the Caffe Filtro Espresso in an 8 oz bag of ground coffee beans.

The Caffe Filtro Espresso Blend is an aromatic blend that smells, appropriately, of coffee. We blended it for use in both our standard coffee maker with no issues.

Ease Of Preparation

Caffe Filtro ground coffee is easy to prepare, because it is a ground coffee. After opening the bag, measure out one heaping tablespoon for every cup of water in your coffee maker. Caffe Filtro ground coffee is intended for automatic (drip or percolating) coffee makers. This is NOT an instant coffee. As a result, it needs to be brewed and I use a Hamilton Beach machine (reviewed here!) with a Crucial Coffee #4 Permanent coffee filter (reviewed here!).

Consult your coffee maker's instructions for how to brew the coffee. However, as far as the basics go, you'll need a coffee filter, which you put the Caffe Filtro ground coffee in and then brew through your coffee maker. The directions recommend making a pot at a time and serving it within twenty minutes and brewing complete pots does seem to net a more unified taste to the coffee (nothing too weak or too strong, no surprise sips that are uncommonly bitter - which has not happened at all with this coffee!).


Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee smells fairly weak, but earthy and like coffee. The aroma of the Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee seems to fade somewhat quicker than other coffees, but when it is steaming, the scent is fine.

In the mouth, the Caffe Filtro coffee is simply coffee flavored. This is a comparatively light blend. The coffee is not bitter at all, but it does not have a strong, roasted flavor, either. The Lavazza Caffe Filtro coffee is appropriately coffee flavored without any kick or body to it.

The Lavazza Caffe Filtro Espresso has no real aftertaste to it.


This is coffee, not something that appears on the nutrition pyramid! Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee does not contribute anything to one's daily recommended allowance of anything. In fact, the bag does not have any ingredients, save a mention of a 100% blend of Arabica beans.

This is a caffeinated blend, but it does not have much kick to it. The Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee wakes the consumer up, but without any real flair or punch to it.


Caffe Filtro ground coffee ought to be stored sealed in its container with the top firmly closed. Coffee is known to absorb flavors of food nearby it, so keeping the bag tightly closed is highly recommended. There are different schools of thought on refrigerating open coffee and I have a very clean refrigerator with a lot of ways to segregate coffee, so I tend to come down on the side of refrigerate it. The container makes no recommendations on that count, though the bag of Caffe Filtro ground coffee would not expire until June 30 2018, so I doubt it would go bad long before then!

After brewing, coffee grounds ought to be disposed of. These grounds may be thrown in the trash when used or put in a compost pile, if available. Coffee grounds make great compost.


Lavazza Caffe Filtro ground coffee is a very average, but not bad, making it a tougher sell than some other Lavazza blends.

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