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Dominated By The Coffee Flavor, Tcho Mokaccino Chocolates Are Unremarkable.

The Good: Good ingredients, Does not taste bad
The Bad: Expensive, Poor balance between coffee and chocolate flavors
The Basics: Tcho Mokaccino chocolates are all right, but their failure to effectively blend flavors of coffee and chocolate into an enjoyable treat.

I am a big fan of chocolate and coffee flavors. Indeed, Mocha flavored chocolates are some of my favorites. Unfortunately, my first experience with Tcho chocolates led me to a chocolate that contained both of those flavors, but with such an imbalance that it was impossible to be thrilled by them. That is not to say that the Tcho Mokaccino squares are bad - they are not - but they are so strongly coffee flavored that they might as well not be chocolates.


Tcho Mokaccino chocolate squares are one and 1/2” squares of chocolate that are 3/16” thick. Each of the squares comes individually wrapped in a tan foil wrapper. It is worth noting that while I usually rail against the environmental impact of such things, it is hard to imagine Tcho chocolate squares not wrapped. This keeps each one clean, unmelted and intact.

Each chocolate square is a seamless square that is a milk chocolate patty with an artistic grid filigree stamped into the top.

Ease Of Preparation

These are candy, so preparing them is as simple as opening the bag and then opening one of the plastic wrappers around the actual chocolate square one wishes to eat. There is no grand secret to eating Tcho Mokaccino chocolate squares. That said, they do need to be kept comparatively cool or these squares will melt.


The Mokaccino Tcho squares have a potent coffee aroma to them. These chocolates do not actually hint at a cocoa or chocolate scent; objectively smelled, one would think they are about to drink a cup of coffee. The coffee scent from the Tcho Mokaccino squares is so strong.

In the mouth, the Tcho Mokaccino squares are sweet and dominated by the flavor of coffee. The chocolate acts as a creamy, solid medium for a strong slightly sweetened coffee flavor. Those looking for a rich chocolate that matches the coffee flavor in the treat will not find it in the Tcho Mokaccino squares. The coffee flavor is rich and strong, completely dominating the chocolate that contains it.

There is a slightly sweet aftertaste to the Mokaccino chocolate squares, which eventually transitions into a slightly bitter, distinctly coffee aftertaste.


The Mokaccino chocolate squares are candy, so it is tough to look at these for something nutritious and then blame them for not being healthy. Tcho chocolate squares have decent ingredients, though, which is probably why they are so expensive. The primary ingredients are cane sugar, cacao beans, and cocoa butter. There is nothing unpronounceable, nor unrecognizable in these candies.

A serving of the Tcho Mokaccino chocolate squares is considered a single square and while there is nothing bad in them, they are not exactly loaded with nutrients.

Honestly, these are candy and anyone looking to them for actual nutrition needs to get a reality check. These are not Vegan-compliant, nor are they recommended for anyone with a nut allergy as they may contain trace amounts of tree nuts.


The bags of these Tcho Mokaccino chocolate squares remain fresh for quite some time. Ours did not have an expiration date that I could find. Given that it is chocolate, one assumes that if they are kept in a cool, dry environment they will not melt or go bad. It is hard to imagine just what it would take for these to go bad outside melting and refreezing.

As for cleanup, I applaud those who actually throw the wrappers away in socially appropriate places, as opposed to litter. Outside that, there is no real cleanup needed, unless one is eating them in a hot environment. In that case, it is likely one would need to wash their hands. If these chocolate squares melt into most fabrics, they will stain. Getting them to melt, though, is quite a task.


Tcho Mokaccino chocolate squares are coffee incarnate in a chocolate medium, but not a great blend of chocolate and coffee flavors, making for a more middle-of-the-road chocolate treat than one worth enthusiastically recommending.

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