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It's A Good Thing Benny Loves Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats . . .

The Good: Benny loves them, Good ingredients, Dental benefits
The Bad: Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Benny's first real treat love are Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats, which he continues to be thrilled by.

My wife often advises me to be conservative with treats when we get a new pet in our family, but sometimes a deal is too good for me to pass up. When my local discount store was suddenly overstocked with Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats, I made a risky choice with our new dog, Benny. After Benny showed that he enjoyed one or two of the Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats, I made the risky decision to buy the store out while the treats were comparatively cheap. The risk was that Benny's initial interest in the Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats would fade after he had more of them, that the novelty of the treats would wear off too quickly and he would become indifferent to them.

Well, a month after my big purchase, Benny is still entirely enamored with Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats, making my investment an incredible deal for Benny and I!


The Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats are a treat that is part of the expanding line of Greenies flavors as the company has diversified from their tradition Greenies dog treats. Made to look like a dark green half-toothbrush, half-bone, the Greenies Large Bursting Blueberry Treats are supposed to be difficult for the dog to chew, which helps them scrape the plaque and tartar off their teeth. Benny eats the Bursting Blueberry Treats properly, which leads them to clean his teeth like they were supposed to.

The Bursting Blueberry Treats Treats are dark green with one end shaped like a bone, the other shaped like a toothbrush, with sides that are flat and the brand name embossed on the side. It is 4 7/8” long and 1 1/4” wide at its widest point and 3/4" thick. Each Large Bursting Blueberry Treats treat comes in an eight-treat bag and is intended for a dog that is 50 - 100 pounds (which Benny has finally reached!). The treat bag lasts for at least a week and at their regular price they would be cost-prohibitive; fortunately, I got an incredible deal on them and at less than $.25/treat, they would absolutely be worth stocking up on. Most people, however, would not be able to get them so inexpensively, making them a little tougher to so eagerly recommend.

Ease Of Preparation

The green pressed wheat flour and glycerine "bone" is designed to help fight plaque and tartar build-up by having a texture to it and being very chewy. The bone-shaped treat is smooth until the dog bites into it and fractures it. Then it becomes very mealy and the texture helps remove matter from a dog's mouth. Because the bone is too big to simply be swallowed, the Bursting Blueberry Treats effectively brushes the dog's teeth and tongue using friction whenever the dog bites into it to split it and swallows it, dragging the bolus across their tongue. And it absolutely works for Benny.

Preparing the treat for consumption is very easy; simply open the bag, extract a single bone treat and give it to your dog. I highly recommend having water nearby for the dog to drink as they eat the Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats!

Benny’s Reaction

The Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats smell delightfully of blueberries. The fruit scent is entirely realistic and surprisingly inviting. Benny goes right for them, just on the smell alone!

Benny loves the Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats. Whenever he hears the bag, Benny comes running for a treat. Whenever the bag is opened, Benny rushes for the treat and when I play with him with a treat in my hand, he is thoroughly engaged and interested by it. It takes Benny about fifteen minutes to go through a single Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treat . . . though he has a strong tendency to save one end of each treat to play with after he is done consuming most of the treat. Each Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treat actually cleans his teeth and these treats have helped give Benny fresh breath and clean teeth, which is very nice for my wife and I, who spend a lot of time with our new dog up in our faces!


These treats are quite good for dogs, beyond their dental benefits. The package recommends that dog owners have clean drinking water available to their dog when they feed them this treat. This treat is a dietary supplement, not a full meal. Bursting Blueberry Treats in the Large size have at least 30% crude protein, 4% crude fat, and no more than 6% crude fiber and 15% moisture, so those looking out for their dog's specific dietary needs, that might help. The Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats are made primarily of wheat flour, glycerine and wheat protein isolate. Fairly far down the ingredients list there are actual blueberries and apples, so these are great for dogs. There are not a lot of preservatives, so these treats are actually very natural! The Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats seem to have a decent shelf life despite the lack of a ton of preservatives.


The Greenies Bursting Blueberry Treats might well be Benny's favorite new treat and having stocked up on them, I am thrilled that he likes them so very much!

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