Monday, May 8, 2017

Method Ginger Mango Detergent Cleans Well And Makes Laundry Fun!

The Good: Cleans clothes well, Wonderful scent while in the washer
The Bad: Almost no real scent during and after use, Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Method Ginger Mango cleans incredibly well, but does not leave clothes scented with its amazing aroma!

As I review various products, I have come to realize that I do not truly understand laundry detergent. It seems like it is a selling point for laundry detergents that they smell amazing while the clothes washer is going, but then leaves clothes without any scent. I love scent memories reminding me of fun, interesting or powerful moments from my past; so I enjoy the smell of good laundry detergents while the washer is running, but then I feel a bit cheated when the clothes come out of the dryer and they have not even a hint of the scent that was present when the washer was on. That is certainly how I felt with the Method Ginger Mango Detergent.

My wife and I got in the 53.5 fluid ounce bottle of Method Ginger Mango laundry detergent and have been using it for several loads now and I have been pleasantly surprised by it. While it may be a bit pricey for the 66 load bottle (and it looks like we will get that many uses out of it), the Method Ginger Mango Detergent cleans clothes well and has an incredible and accurate scent to it.

Method Ginger Mango cleans clothes without fading them. This detergent does not have any fabric softener in it, but clothes still came out fairly soft. We have used Method Ginger Mango for a month and my only real complaint with it is that it does not have a very strong or distinctive scent on the clothes after they are cleaned. In the bottle, the detergent smells delightfully of ginger and a mellow fruit scent that is very accurate for the aroma of mango. For sure, clothes come out smelling clean, but they do not carry even a vaguely fruity scent to them after using this detergent. Despite that, while the washer is going, the laundry room fills out with the scent of the ginger and mango from the detergent.

Method Ginger Mango is a translucent orange colored detergent. It smells clean, fruity and just a bit like ginger to open up the nostrils!

I liked Method Ginger Mango, especially because of the strong scent while it was in the washer, as it did what it promised. No matter how soiled or stinky our clothes were going into the wash, they always came out clean and smelling neutral with the Method Ginger Mango Laundry Detergent. That makes the Method Ginger Mango Detergent worth picking up, even if it follows the market's trend of making neutral-scented clothes.

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