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Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening Toothpaste Delivers Clean, Healthy Teeth!

The Good: Cleans teeth well, Inexpensive, Stops oral irritation, Appears to effectively block stains, Does not taste bad
The Bad: Does not noticeably whiten teeth.
The Basics: Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening toothpaste is effective at doing what it promises, though the whitening aspect is still up for debate.

Whitening toothpastes are a much harder sell for me than for other people, I suspect. First, I don't smoke or do anything else that has left me with already stained teeth. Second, I tend to use firm-bristled toothbrushes, so my daily coffee does not net new tooth stains. Finally, the amount of time it takes to whiten teeth is usually well beyond a single tube or couple of months. I have been using Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening Toothpaste for the past two months and my teeth have not gotten noticeably whiter, but they have also not gotten any stains (which is a promise the toothpaste makes) and it does very effectively freshen my breath first thing in the morning when my breath is at its worst.

I purchased the 6 oz. tube of Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening toothpaste a little over two months ago and it has lasted at least that long with me using it twice daily. The key selling points of the toothpaste were the tartar control, anti-cavity, stain guard, breath freshening and teeth whitening aspects, though the latter was not the best execution of the idea. After two months of using Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening toothpaste twice a day, I noticed no significant color change in my teeth.

Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening is an inexpensive, but generally effective, toothpaste with several selling point functions. It comes in a classic tube design with a plastic top that unscrews from the tube. The 6 oz. tube is seven and a half inches long by two inches wide and it tapers near the end with the nozzle. When the cap is unscrewed, there is a hard plastic nozzle which directs the product out of the tube and onto one's toothbrush. Toothpaste is easily dispensed from this type tube by flattening the plastic tube from the bottom toward the top and this also allows the user to get the most out of it.

To use Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening, simply dispense a small amount onto the bristles of a toothbrush and bring the brush up to your mouth and spread the toothpaste over teeth using the brush. Then agitate the toothpaste into a foam to clean teeth entirely and expectorate the product (the process takes about a minute). Rinse mouth to remove any excess toothpaste and theoretically, the process should be complete and your teeth ought to feel wonderful.

The reason I continue to use Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening is that it seems to work very well and it did not taste bad. Unlike many whitening products, there was no chalky flavor to this toothpaste. Since starting to use this toothpaste, I have developed no cavities and there has been no noticeable tartar or plaque build-up on my teeth.

Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening significantly freshens breath. The toothpaste tastes mildly minty, with a grit that proves the presence of the promised baking soda within the toothpaste. After agitating the toothpaste in one's mouth and on the teeth, Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening makes teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and throat feel cool and fresh!

Arm & Hammer Complete Care Plus Whitening cleans very well and does appear to do what it promises in terms of protecting teeth, freshening breath and guarding against new stains, making it worth recommending.

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