Monday, April 13, 2015

So Close . . . The Dawn Twister Bottle Brush Almost Lives Up To Its Potential!

The Good: Reasonably-priced, Durable, Easy to use and clean
The Bad: Not quite stiff enough to clean adequately.
The Basics: The Dawn Twister Bottle Brush is just stiff enough to be helpful, not stiff enough to be essential, for cleaning tough to reach build-up on dishes!

Ever since my wife got a Contigo SnapSeal Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug (reviewed here!) as a gift, we have struggled with how to clean it. The long, tall travel mug gets residue at the bottom and even with long fingers like mine, it is virtually impossible to reach with a sponge or cleaning cloth down to the bottom. So, we've been looking for a good brush primarily to clean that. We were instantly drawn to the Dawn Twister Bottle Brush because it was one of the wider brushes on the market and not made of a cheap, flimsy material, like sponges. And, it almost lived up to what we needed it to in order to clean the difficult-to-clean travel mug. We just wish the bristles were a little bit stiffer to actually clean!

The Dawn Twister Bottle Brush is a 13” long by 3” wide by 3" thick at the widest point of the brush! This is a blue and white brush, much like a toilet bowl brush and the brush is attached to a rubbery grip that makes it hard for it to slip out of one's hands. The brush is connected to the rubber handle by the plastic shaft that has minimal flexibility and a little bit of rotational play.

As far as basic kitchen cleaning goes, the Dawn Twister Bottle Brush is good, but the nylon bristles are a little less stiff than they need to be to get sediment out of bottles and clean anything other than surface dirt. Things like crusted-on sugar easily resists the Dawn Twister Bottle Brush. The bottle brush is good for dealing with things like a coffee mug that still has fluid on the edges or a bottle that has been sitting on the shelf that has some dust in it. But for serious, caked on dirt, this bottle brush is not exceptional.

The nylon of the brushes allows the Dawn Twister Bottle Brush to be cleaned off very easily. The bristles do not retain odor or any of the matter one uses the brush to remove from the bottles or mugs one is using to clean with it. That is nice because it means that the brush does not get smelly and transmit germs to the items one is trying to clean.

After a few weeks of using the Dawn Twister Bottle Brush, none of the bristles have fallen out or bent, so this seems to be durable. And while I respect Dawn for making a brush that will not scratch the hell out of everything it is used on, they made the Twister Bottle Brush just a little too flexible, so it does not agitate enough to actually clean the truly durable things one might use the brush to clean with.

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