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Good Enough For Us Teetotalers, Sodastream Pina Colada Mix Is Good!

The Good: Fairly inexpensive, Pineapple flavor is strong and good.
The Bad: Requires a pricy machine to make into soda pop, Harder to find, Not calorie free, Not very strong coconut flavor
The Basics: Sodastream’s Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix is good, but not a truly wonderful rendition of Pina Colada.

Where I live, it has becomes increasingly hard for me to find the carbonation tanks foe my wife's Sodastream Fizz (reviewed here!). Fortunately, I did manage to get one and now I'm back on the Sodastream! The first of my new Sodastream beverage reviews is the Sodastream Happy Hour Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix.


Available primarily in a 16.9 fl. oz. plastic bottle, Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix is a concentrated flavor syrup for creating Pina Colada soda. At $5 - $7 per bottle, the Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix makes 50 8 oz. servings, though the 16.9 oz. bottle gets me twenty-five servings as we have a 16 oz. bottle for our Sodastream Fizz.

Ease Of Preparation

The Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix is a flavoring to be used with a Sodastream soda pop maker. After one fills the Sodastream bottle with water – I recommend filtered water and when I use my Brita Water Filter Pitcher (reviewed here!) in order to prepare the soda – and carbonates it, they must add a capful of Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix to the bottle. It is that easy. Preparing the Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix into a soda pop is easy and it makes a flavorful carbonated beverage.


The Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix smells like pineapple and coconut, just like it is supposed to. The fruity, citrus scent of the pineapple is prevalent and the main aroma from this beverage.

When made up, the pineapple is almost entirely dominant in the palate. The sweet and sour flavor of the pineapple plays with the carbonation delightfully. Unfortunately, while there is some coconut scent in the bubbles that effervesce, there is nothing of coconut in the flavor of the beverage. That makes the Happy Hour Pina Colada soda a good pineapple soda pop, but not an incredible embodiment of pina colada.


The Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix makes a soda pop, so it is not creating the most nutritious thing in the world. Even so, Sodastream creates soda pops that do not have anywhere near the problems of most sodas. The resulting beverage has 35 calories and 15 mg of Sodium (less than 1% of the RDA of Sodium) per 8 oz. serving. As we’ve gotten spoiled lately on zero calorie Sodastream beverages, this was a harder soda for us to binge on! Outside the calories, there are no nutritional benefits or detractions to this drink mix or the drink it makes.

Made primarily of sugar, water, and citric acid, the Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix has nothing particularly bad in it. There is no caffeine, no high fructose corn syrup, and only 1.4% concentrated fruit juice. It is kosher and carries no allergy warnings.


The Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix is a liquid, so there is the danger of spilling it and wasting some of it. But, for the most part, it is a drink mix that keeps for quite some time. The bottle I got last week had an expiration date of July 24, 2015, so this can be stocked up on!

The Pina Colada mix is bright yellow, so it will stain lighter fabrics. If you get this Sodastream syrup on clothes, consult your fabric guide for how best to clean it.


Sodastream Pina Colada Flavored Soda Mix is one of the few average flavors from Sodastream that is good, but does not "wow" for its promised flavor.

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