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The Surprise Perfection Of The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sideshow Collectibles Spike Statue!

The Good: Absolutely amazing sculpt, Incredible painted details, Stable base, Collectible value
The Bad: None!
The Basics: The Sideshow Collectibles Spike Statue is unbelievably incredible and a must-have for fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

Last month, when I reviewed the brand new Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure (reviewed here!), I found myself comparing the new statue to the Sideshow Collectibles Buffy The Vampire Slayer Spike Statue. Given that, I figured that I should take the time and actually review that superior Spike statue. Where the Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure was riddled with sculpt and coloring issues, the Spike statue is an immaculate work and an amazing collectible.


The Spike Statue presents the anti-hero of the Buffyverse perfectly. This version of Spike has the vampire character in his familiar black trench coat standing in a crouching position on a grave-like base. The blonde vampire has his human face on and has him holding a wooden stake in his right hand. The Spike Statue is made entirely of polystone (save a thin metal rod that extends from Spike's right heel and allows the statue to attach to the bast) and this is a heavy statue.

The Sideshow Collectibles Spike Statue is cast with lifelike detailing. The hair is textured, the character has back pockets molded onto the back of Spike's pants (which is impressive given that the jeans are under the coat and virtually invisible), and Spike has knuckles and fingernails molded into the statue. The character's face looks exactly like James Marsters as Spike and the billowing pose for the coat makes it look like he has just landed. Other impressive sculpted details include buckles on the vampire's boots and the inclusion of the scar over Spike's left eyebrow.

As for coloring, Spike is perfect in his coloring. It might get tiresome to read such glowing adjectives about the statue, but the work warrants it. Spike has such incredible detailing as depth to his skin tones, dry-looking lips, glossy eyes, and highlights to the character's fingernails. Spike's hair is colored in more than monotones so his head does not look like it is covered in a helmet (which is a mistake commonly made by those making Spike-themed collectibles). The base has great tones, so it looks like it is cement, made from tiny grains, as opposed to a single monotone rock.

Spike's boots are made to look worn and they contrast the smooth black of the coat in a way that gives the statue additional texture and depth.


As a Sideshow Collectibles statue, the Spike Statue is only accented by the collector’s number on the bottom of the base. The base, the bottom, is a perfect fit for the statue, which is nice. With his foot placed properly in the hole in the base, the right foot roots the statue to the base. The left foot rests on the base and because the statue's left foot is arranged so it looks like Spike is about to push off from the balls of his feet, the statue connecting to the base flush is imperative. Spike is wonderfully rooted to the base, without any play.


As with all statues, the intent of the Sideshow Collectibles Spike Statue is to be used as a decorative collectible and this is well-balanced at the base. The statue does not wobble on its base at all. The display base is augmented with four rubber discs that keep it perfectly stable, so it does not slide, tip, lean or do anything other than stand perfectly positioned on one’s shelf or display case.


Sideshow Collectibles has been making bigger and better collectibles for decades. The Spike Statue was limited to 1,000 pieces. Each one is individually numbered on the bottom of the base (mine, or rather my wife's, is 165/1000!). These statues have already exploded in value and I suspect it will continue to appreciate in value as Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans age and want more adult collectibles.


Quite simply, the 1:6 scale Spike statue from Sideshow Collectibles lives up to all a Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel fan could hope for!

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