Monday, February 9, 2015

Still Worth The Money, The RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set Is Not Perfect!

The Good: Durable, Affordable, Useful, Grips are a great touch!
The Bad: Corrosive elements, No cleaner brush!
The Basics: Robbed of perfection by a lack of a cleaner brush and solder that rusts, the RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set is still a wonderful set for anyone who loves milkshakes!

Not long ago, my wife did a whole themed giftgiving time for me. She knew of my love of milkshakes and she decided to give me a whole milkshake event gift time. As a result, in addition to the awesome Hamilton Beach Milkshake Maker (reviewed here!), she picked me up a set of RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straws! These simple stainless steel spoon straws are pretty much essential for anyone who loves milkshakes or ice cream floats and wants to be able to both eat ice cream and drink whatever beverage the ice cream is suspended in!

The RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set contains four stainless steel spoon straws, each measuring 8 1/2” long and 1/4” in diameter at the top of the straw, 1” wide at the widest point on the spoon. Each spoon straw is, as its name implies, a metal straw with a spoon at the end so one may suck fluid through it and eat larger pieces of ice cream or things crumbled into a shake with the spoon end. 1 3/4" from the top of each spoon is a colorful 3/4" long rubber grip. The different colors of the grips in the RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set make it easy to tell whose spoon straw is whose when one is sharing beverages!

Using the Spoon Straw is ridiculously simple; place the straw in a beverage and suck on the straw end. If it becomes occluded or if one wants ice cream that is in one’s glass or bowl, simply scoop it out with the spoon end and consume.

Why bother reviewing the RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set then? First, this set is great because they are durable and they do exactly what they promise. Second, the rubberized grip has the benefit of keeping one’s fingers from getting cold while one is consuming the milkshake! Third, these spoon straws are one of the more affordable ones on the market, which makes their durability a real selling point; one might only have to buy one or two sets in a lifetime, RSVP did such a quality job with making them!

The detractions to the RSVP Spoon Straws are simple: there is no cleaning brush in this set and the solder is not stainless steel – it rusts. Most metal/reusable spoon straws come with some form of cleaning brush. That allows one to easily clean the spoon straw. The RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set does not have one and as a result, these are a pain to clean. While they are dishwasher safe, if there is something like a chocolate chip stuck in the middle of the straw tube, most dishwashers will not get that out. Finally, while the straws and spoons are stainless steel, whatever connects them (I’ve been assuming a solder of some sort) is not rustproof, which is pretty ridiculous for a device that goes in beverages. After more than a full year of weekly (at least!) use, our RSVP Spoon Straws have gotten some rust at the bottom of the straw near where the straw and spoon connect!

This is not enough of a detriment to keep us from continuing to use the RSVP Spoon Straws – we’ve noticed no rust in any of our milky or soda-based beverages – and it is not enough to keep me from recommending the RSVP International 4-Piece Spoon Straw Set.

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