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Doing Nothing For Their Teeth, Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious Cat Treats Underwhelm!

The Good: Inexpensive, My cats do not avoid them . . .
The Bad: Smelly, No dental benefits, Cats eat them incredibly fast
The Basics: Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious treats are mediocre, which does not excite my cats . . . or help their teeth maintain their health.

Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious treats fall into a category of cat treats that leave me wanting more for my cats Gollum and Timber. As a responsible cat parent, I try to give my boys treats that help clean and strengthen their teeth. I am not a huge fan of the Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious cat treats because they do neither. More than that, Timber and Gollum do not flock to the bag of treats when they know it is the Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious cat treats they are being given. These are like candy for cats; they have no impressive or demonstrable dental benefits.


Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious cat treats are soft little treats that come in a 3 oz. bag for $1.49 locally. The Chicken flavor includes three different piece types that are distinctive to this mix. There are small chicken legs that are ½” long by 5/16” wide. The heart-shaped treats are 1/2" long by 1/2” wide and approximately 1/4” thick. There are also 5/16” in diameter flower-shaped treats. Opening the Whisker Lickin’s bag, which is resealable, there is a strong meaty scent that is generically meaty, but not overly distinct. These treats have a generically greasy aroma to them.

Ease Of Preparation

The Whisker Lickin’s treats are a treat, so preparation is as easy as opening the resealable bag and removing a few of treats. I, occasionally, mix a few of the treats in with Gollum’s food, but otherwise, he gets five to ten of these whenever I feed him them! Neither Timber, nor Gollum have ever tried to steal these treats from one another.

Gollum And Timber’s Reaction

Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious treats are a treat that Timber and Gollum show little actual interest in. Both of the cats do not react when the bag of treats is open and I have been known to leave these treats out and the cats ignore them. That said, when they are in the mood for treats, they will eat them. This is one of the few treats they are not enthusiastic about, but will still eat.


The package says that servings should be one treat per pound of cat, up to ten per day. Gollum usually gets his ten per day, but Timber usually only gets five to eight because he does not need to put on any weight. I usually go through about one 3 oz. bag in about a week and a half, so for the price, this treat is not a bad one, save that it is not a great treat for my cat’s health.

Moreover, the Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious treats seem pretty healthy. With a minimum of 23% crude protein and 8% crude fat, but no more than 3% crude fiber and 30% moisture, these treats have some nutritional benefits for both cats. These treats are made primarily of animal liver flavor, wheat flower, and corn gluten meal! These treats have absolutely no dental cleaning benefits, which is a severe detraction for me.


The Whisker Lickin’s Chicken flavor Soft & Delicious cat treats are a mediocre treat that my cats treat like unremarkable. Between the cats not being excited and these treats not having great dental benefits, they are easy to pass by, despite the fact that they are inexpensive.

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