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So Much Potential, Such Disappointment! Breyers Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Underwhelms!

The Good: Does not taste bad, Reasonably priced, Nothing bad in it
The Bad: Barely flavored like what it is supposed to be
The Basics: As one who loves all things chocolate mint, Breyers Blasts Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream is a surprise disappointment!

I love mint chocolate and I am a big fan of Thin Mint cookies from the Girl Scouts (though it has been years since I’ve bought Girl Scout Cookies). So, I was eager to try the Breyers Blasts Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice cream, which is a limited edition flavor of frozen dairy dessert out now. Unfortunately, for all my love of chocolate mint desserts and the Breyers Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice cream does not live up to its flavor potential. It is barely mint or barely chocolate flavored.

The Breyers Blasts’s Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream is a simple ice cream with two additives: a fudge swirl and Thin Mint cookie pieces, ground and mixed in so much that the ice cream is almost a smooth ice cream.


Breyers Blasts ice cream comes in a typical half gallon container. The Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream is a (surprisingly) mostly smooth ice cream: the basic ice cream has tiny cookie pieces throughout, with no sizeable chunks of cookies in them. At (locally) $5.99 a half gallon, the Breyers Blasts! ice cream is an affordable, mid-range ice cream.

Ease Of Preparation

The Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream is an ice cream. As an ice cream, preparation is ridiculously simple: one need only open the top of the container, scoop out a half cup and consume! There is no trick to preparing or eating the Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream.


The Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice cream smells only slightly minty. The scent is not as strong as many other mint ice creams I have reviewed; it is like the chocolate in the ice cream mutes the mint aroma.

On the taste front, the flavor is instantly sweet in a creamy, somewhat indistinct way. The mint manifests almost as an aftertaste. The chocolate flavor is almost non-existent; the fudge swirl is much more a texture than a taste. Some of the bites have a bit more flavor, either of the cold peppermint or the hint of milk chocolate, but the creamy, sweet, milky flavor dominates any of the supposed flavors this ice cream possesses.

Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice cream does not have a strong aftertaste at all; at its best, sometimes, I found it had a vaguely minty aftertaste that lasted for about three minutes after it was consumed.


The Breyers Blasts Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream is a fairly light “frozen dairy dessert” with additives that are pretty well ground-in. The half gallon represents twelve half-cup servings. In the half-cup serving, there are 140 calories, 40 of which are from fat. The four and a half grams of fat represent 7% of the RDA of fat, with 15% of one’s RDA of saturated fat coming in the 3 grams of saturated fat in this ice cream. One serving has 5 mg of cholesterol (that’s 2% of the RDA!) and 70 mg of Sodium (3% RDA). The only other real nutrient is two grams of protein, though there is also 4% of the RDA of Calcium and 6% of Vitamin A in the Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream.

Breyers Blasts Girl Scouts Thin Mints has decent ingredients, too. Made primarily of Milk, fudge swirl and Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cookies the Girl Scouts Thin Mints is not, technically, an ice cream, though it sure mimics one well! There is nothing unpronounceable in the ingredients list. The Girl Scouts Thin Mints Breyers Blasts! is Kosher, but not gluten free. There are no allergy warnings on the package.


Breyers Blasts ice cream is both a frozen and a dairy product, so it is pretty obvious that it must be kept frozen in order to remain viable. Kept frozen it remains fresh for quite some time (my half gallon had an expiration date of December 2016).

The Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice cream is fairly light frozen dairy dessert. However, when the ice cream melts and gets onto fabrics, it will require one to wash it right out. On nonporous surfaces, the ice cream wipes off exceptionally easily.


The Breyers Blasts Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice cream is mediocre; not unpleasant, but not really flavored like it promises. The result is a let-down that is less distinct than its promised flavor.

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