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Meat Cookie For Myah: Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights Truly Delight My Dog!

The Good: Healthy, Decent dental benefit for dogs, Good ingredients, Smells great, Myah loves them! Affordable.
The Bad: None that I could find!
The Basics: Myah has fallen in love with Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights and it makes them very easy to recommend!

Lately, my wife and I have been eager to try some new things with our dog, Myah. Myah is now seven years old and after our disastrous boarding experience with her while we went on vacation, we have been spoiling her something fierce. The last few weeks, one of the treats she has really fallen for are the Purina Beneful Baked Delights Heartfuls dog snacks. In getting Myah socialized again, reinforcing good behaviors with treats has been essential and one of the few that she has really responded to each and every time we bring them out for her are the Heartfuls Baked Delights!


We picked up the 11 oz. box of Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights on sale for $3.50, which is a great price. Even for $5.00 for a month’s worth of dog treats that our dog actually loves is worthwhile. Myah had been reticent to react to my wife and I after her problematic stay with the dog resort, so having a treat that drew her out of her shell was wonderful. The Beneful Baked Delights Heartfuls did that well. Myah responded to a number of commands, like sitting pretty, high fives, and staying for these treats.

The Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights dog treats are little tan dog snacks that look like little hearts! When the box is opened initially, the Heartfuls smell strongly of meat, mostly bacon and beef. Each snack is approximately 1 1/2" tall by 1 3/4” wide and 3/8" thick. The surface of the Heartfuls dog cookie is broken by a center circle that is soft and meaty, like a meat jelly. This looks like a cookie, with a jelly top, but for dogs. Beyond being like a sweet for dogs, the Beneful Baked Delights Heartfuls are hard enough that they help brush the dog's tongue as they chew them.

Ease Of Preparation

This is a ready-to-eat dog treat and only requires one to open the box and inner-wrap bag to dispense.

Myah’s Reaction

The hard Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights helps physically remove plaque and other build-up from dog’s teeth. The soft, meaty center to this cookie does not affect Myah’s breath much, though temporarily, it does take on a bacon scent! Knowing there is a clear dental benefit for these treats helped me rate them higher; these treats help minimize the need to brush your dog’s teeth and can save money at the vet’s.

Myah loves the Beneful Baked Delights Heartfuls treats. This is one of the treats she illustrated a strong preference for when given a choice between this and other treats (including other Purina treats!). They are a little large to be used as a reinforcement tool, though Myah has been enjoying them for exactly that purpose!


The Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights dog treats are very healthy. With at least 7% crude protein, 9% crude fat and no more than 2.5% crude fiber and 15% moisture, the Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights offer some decent nutrition to dogs. Made primarily of wheat flour, apple flavored filling and animal fat, Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights appear to have nothing bad in them (at least for dogs). In fact, because of the lack of extensive preservatives, these treats only have about a year shelf life (our box would have expired in January 2015, had we not used them for Myah’s behavior reinforcement on a daily basis). As with all dog treats, it is highly recommended that when you give your dog Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights, you make sure they have a decent supply of clean water available. Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights treats are not intended to replace dog food.


Purina Beneful Heartfuls Baked Delights are affordable, smell meaty and encourage Myah to do what I ask of her; that makes them an ideal treat in my book!

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