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Despite An Awesome Scent, Bath And Body Works Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Is Too Gentle!

The Good: Great aroma
The Bad: Not antibacterial, No grit or cleaning ability, Proportionately expensive.
The Basics: As part of Bath & Body Works’ post-Christmas clearance, we stocked up on their Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap only to discover it is too gentle to be effective.

A few months back, I stocked up on liquid hand soap at my local discount store. I was psyched to get so much of it for only $1.00 per dispenser. I was excited until I got home and we started using it and I realized that it was not anti-bacterial hand soap. So, when out recently with my wife, she was excited to go to the Bath And Body Works semi-annual clearance and pick some things up. She was pretty excited to get Bath And Body Works Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap . . . until I looked at it and pointed out to her that it, too, was not anti-bacterial! Bath And Body Works seems to be trying to get its consumers to spend more by producing gentle soaps that do virtually nothing . . . while getting consumers to shell out on their anti-bacterial hand gels!

Twisted Peppermint Gentle Gentle Foaming Hand Soap is a seasonal product from Bath & Body Works. Twisted Peppermint is an utterly ineffective hand soap that is bound to thrill those who like peppermint-scented products, but not those who want demonstrably cleaner hands.

First, Twisted Peppermint is available in the Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap pump. The 8.75 fl. oz. bottle is sold from Bath & Body Works for $6.50 (regular retail price) and is available from Thanksgiving through Christmas at Bath & Body Works stores around the country. The bottle holds a light, pink-colored fluid that appears more watery than most soaps. This is intentional, however, because the soap is not designed to be dispensed as a fluid. Instead, pressing down on the wide pump top transforms the fluid into a foam. When this happens, the foam bursts forth with an aromatic scent and foam.

Twisted Peppermint is a great scent. I’m not certain of what makes the foaming hand soap “Twisted,” but in the bottle and as a foam, the Twisted Peppermint Gentle Hand Soap smells powerfully like peppermint. The mint scent is distinctive and aromatic. Having used only this foaming hand soap for a few weeks now, but most specifically this morning several times to test the functionality of this product, the Twisted Peppermint leaves a faint peppermint scent on the skin for about half an hour after it is last used.

With Bath & Body Works products, largely what one is paying for (outside the brand name) is the scent. While the scent of the Twisted Peppermint is strong and pleasant, the soap lacks any genuine cleaning power. The foam is light and frothy and there is no real cleaning power to it. It does not cut through grease, it does not exfoliate; indeed, the only real agitation one will get when using this product is from whatever one rubs one's hands against (loufa, washcloth, the skin of your other hand) . That makes it about as effective as washing with water alone. As a perfect example of the lack of cleaning power, when I cleaned out my cat's litter box, I went to wash my hands afterward. This is just a good idea because most fine litter has dust that naturally gets on one's hands. Washing with the Twisted Peppermint hand soap removed the scent of litter, but did not really clean the folds of skin out.

Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Gentle Hand Soap is incredibly gentle, but not antibacterial. It does not excessively dry out the hands, but it has a great scent. For the price, even during their semi-annual clearance, Bath And Body Works Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap is too mild to be effective or worth it.

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