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You’re Still Paying For The Name . . . Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash Works Well Enough!

The Good: Decent lather, Easy to open bottle, Aroma is not unpleasant
The Bad: Not antibacterial, No scrubbing grit, Comparatively more expensive, Somewhat indistinct scent
The Basics: Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash is an indistinct body wash with a generally masculine smell and very average cleaning power.

When it comes to body cleaners, I think women are definitely luckier than men. Women are given cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, etc. that have scents that have very clear standards and are distinct. Men, on the other hand, are given vague names for their products that allow companies to create a much more generic feel for their products. Unlike women, who have lilac or orange body washes, men get things like Fiji, Denali, or Timber body wash. What the hell is that?! That was pretty much my first thought when my wife brought home a bottle of Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash.

I’ve been using the Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash for a few weeks now and, having had lots of health and beauty supplies that have been packed with mint scent and cleaning power, I was generally unimpressed. Despite the mild cleaning power and the lack of a distinct, easily-describable scent, the Timber With Mint Body Wash is good, but not outstanding. It’s not bad, just unremarkable.

Old Spice Timber With Mint body wash is very average with a generic, masculine scent. The 16 fl. oz. bottle usually sells for $6.99 and it seems new to the market last winter. The Timber With Mint Body Wash is a mild, easy-to-use product that leaves skin feeling soft and has a fairly pleasant smell, even if it is not the most effective cleanser!

Body washes have been a product I am less eager to review because they usually seem disproportionately expensive to me. The Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash has an initial price that is comparatively expensive, but lathers well without it being a bad deal. In addition to being a decent consistency that lathers up exceptionally well, the Timber With Mint Body Wash has a scent that can help to invigorate the consumer, even if it is a bit harder to describe.

The Timber With Mint Body Wash is a very fluid translucent blue-green liquid about the consistency of most shampoos. This is a smooth body wash, so there is no grit in it to help exfoliate the skin. Using the Timber With Mint Body Wash is simple. The bottle features a flip top that opens with the flick of the thumb. The bottle is easy enough to open and close one handed as to make it convenient in the tub or shower, especially if one is using a loufa or washcloth in the other hand. The bottle of Timber With Mint Body Wash is fairly flat on the front and back and rounded on the sides. It is not overly slippery when wet, unlike some body washes I have used!

Dispensing the Timber With Mint Body Wash is very easy. Simply squeeze the bottle and apply the fluidic body wash to your hand, loufa or cloth. In my experience, the body wash is more liquid than creamy and, as a result, comes out much like a hand soap or dishwashing liquid. As a result, about a quarter-sized dollop is all that is necessary to clean my whole body when it mixes with the water from my shower or bath. I've found it most effective to dole out the body wash in dime-sized dollops in order to get the most out of each application, but generally it takes very little of this body wash to go a long way.

Part of the reason the product washes off so well is that it lathers exceptionally well. Used sparingly, like in dime-sized portions, the Timber With Mint Body Wash may be spread over an entire limb the way it lathers up. Simply agitating it on the skin yields a foamy, clean lather that moisturizes the skin. Without a loufa or other rough applicator, it does not remove dirt or grime beyond what one expects from water running. As the water flows over it, it washes off easily leaving behind no film or residue, only clean, soft skin and a faint, incredible smell.

The Timber With Mint Body Wash smells like a generic Old Spice aftershave. The Timber does not have a strong, distinctive aroma outside smelling like the traditional Old Spice aftershave. It does, however, cool like it has mint in it. The mentholating power of the Timber With Mint comes through when one uses the body wash instead of opening the nostrils up. The mint barely has a scent, but it is present in the feel of the body wash, even when it is well-lathered.

Because the scent is a bit generic and the mint aroma is not at all present in the bouquet, it is somewhat unsurprising that the primary ingredient in the Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash is water. Lacking a grit and having water as a primary ingredient, it is unsurprising that this does not leave a powerful aroma on the skin when one is done using it.
Old Spice Timber With Mint Body Wash is more average and exceptional and for the price, it seems like one is mostly buying the Old Spice name, as opposed to an incredible cleaner.

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