Friday, March 22, 2013

Not Just Inexpensive, Cheap: Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Disappoints Myah

The Good: Very inexpensive, Not bad on the nutrition front
The Bad: Myah shows an antipathy toward it, Gave Myah the runs for weeks.
The Basics: After weeks of dog foods that were exceptionally healthy, expensive, and made of natural ingredients, Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition adult dog food disappointed Myah and me.

Myah has had a couple great months of dog foods that are absolutely incredible as far as nutrition and ingredients go. Unfortunately, they are universally expensive. So, my wife and I picked up some Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition to stock up on dog food that she might enjoy on a daily basis for a while while our finances recovered from our great culinary experiments with dog food. Sadly, the Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition did not grab Myah. Myah pretty much only ate it when she was exceptionally hungry or I poured beef grease on it. Regardless of how the food was prepared, it gave poor Myah the squirts . . . for over a month! This struck me as not being a quality food as a result.


A single serving of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food is two cups to three and a half cups for a big dog like Myah and she is supposed to get one such serving per day, so a full bag lasts two to three and a half months. The Adult Complete Nutrition has two different shapes mixed together about evenly. One shape is very dark brown, triangular, about 9/16” on each side and 5/16” thick. The Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food also has a 7/8” long, 1/2" in diameter, light tan finned block of food.

Ease Of Preparation

As a dry dog food, preparation of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food is as easy as opening a bag and measuring out the pieces inside. There is no further prep needed.

Myah’s Reaction

The Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition has a very grainy scent to it, not a meaty one. Myah refused to eat it until she was absolutely famished for food. Otherwise, she ate it reluctantly and looked for other options when she did. This was not an overly filling or exciting food for poor Myah.


Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food gave Myah the runs for over a month. Made primarily of Ground Whole Corn, Meat and Bone Meal and Corn Gluten Meal, the ingredient list degenerates into chemicals and vitamins after “vegetable oil.” According to the guaranteed analysis, Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food has at least 21% crude protein and 10% crude fat, but no more than 4% crude fiber and 12% moisture. As a dry dog food, it is highly recommended that you have adequate water available for your dog when serving your pet Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food. Myah drinks quite a bit whenever she eats this food.


Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food is a poor choice, even though it is inexpensive enough to stock up on. Myah chooses almost any food over this one.

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