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Maybe A Gimmick, Rubbermaid’s FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle Seems To Work!

The Good: Convenient, Easy-to-use, Decent capacity, Appears to work
The Bad: Initial expense/Difficulty finding the replacement filters.
The Basics: The Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle is a convenient way to filter water at home or on the go!

Every now and then, I write a review I am not entirely proud of. Those reviews mostly happen when I am rushed and I am surprised when some of those actually get readers. One such review was the one I wrote for the Brita Water Filter 42629 Slim Pitcher (reviewed here!). I like the product and I think it is a quality way to make one’s water cleaner. But, given how I am always pushing forward with my reviews, I seldom go back to alter prior reviews. That made me determined to write a better review of the new Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle I picked up. My wife and I each picked up one of these bottles on clearance at our local grocery store and I was surprised that neither of us had ever heard of the product before we found it on the clearance rack.

The Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle is a water bottle with a water filter right in the bottle, which prevents the user from having to use separate devices to filter their water before putting it in their water bottle. The concept is simple, but it took me a few weeks of use to determine whether or not the concept was well-executed or just a gimmick. After years of using the Brita Water Filter, I have found that I am exceptionally sensitive to water quality. If water is not filtered, my body has an adverse reaction. In fact, I can’t drink beverages with ice cubes at most restaurants as a result! So, the closest thing I have to empirical evidence that the Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle actually works to filter water adequately for three months is that I have not had any negative reactions to the water coming out of my bottle!

On a more simple and basic level, where I live now, we have very hard water. When I use the Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle, the water that comes out tastes good. It tastes clean and fresh.

The Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle is a 20 oz. water bottle – both of ours are bright blue, though they appear to come in lilac as well – with a slightly more pronounced top than most water bottles. The top to the entire bottle is a screw on disc 2 1/2" in diameter, with the water filter on the bottomside projecting into the bottle. The entire Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle is 2 3/4” in diameter and 9 1/2" tall. Access to the main chamber is easy: simply unscrew the entire top and add water into the bottle.

To use the Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle, simply unscrew the very top, which is a 1” in diameter and exposes the 7/8” tall spout. To get the water to actually filter, aim the spout toward your mouth and squeeze. It is that easy. Remove the top and send the bottle through the dishwasher to clean it!

Unfortunately, the Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle’s filters are very hard to find. I’m not sure if that is only a local problem, but given how the bottles were being clearance, it seems like the filters will only become harder to find. The Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle is a good idea that seems to be executed exceptionally well, making it easy to recommend for those who want good, clean water!

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