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In Memory Of The Lost, The Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 2 M20 Sophia Card Is Pretty Cool!

The Good: Good image, Necessary for collectors, Quite rare
The Bad: Expensive! Doesn't so much DO anything!
The Basics: The M20 Sophia’s Cargo Pants Wardrobe costume card is a surprisingly valuable The Walking Dead trading card!

It always impresses me how licensees can leap on a trend and find their market at the right time. Arguably, NECA waited too long to release its Heroes line of action figures and as a result, they almost universally became pegwarmers because by the time they hit the market, the television series had already soured with fans. Right now, The Walking Dead is hot and, truth be told, it is one of the few trendy shows I have ever found myself enjoying while it is currently an “in” phenomenon. Cryptozoic won the license for the trading cards and the trading cards based upon AMC’s The Walking Dead have had a level of quality that it suitably impressive. One of the best chase cards in the Season Two set is the M20 Sophia’s Cargo Pants Wardrobe Costume Card.

In the second season of The Walking Dead (reviewed here!), one of the enduring mysteries was what happened to Sophia (Carol’s daughter) after she was chased off the road and out of the creekbed where Rick left her. Commemorating Sophia with a costume card, especially a fairly limited one, brought fans of the Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead Season Two trading cards an intriguing collectible to hunt down. Cryptozoic seemed to find the right level of rarity for their Wardrobe Costume Cards and the Wardrobe cards for any of the survivor characters, even Sophia, have skyrocketed in value.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Wardrobe cards are costume cards and the M20 Sophia card is no exception. What this means is that the physical card is a little more than twice as thick as the standard trading cards. Cryptozoic took a set-worn costume, in this case Sophia's cargo pants, chopped it up and embedded it in between the two card halves. This means that Madison Lintz's original pants no longer exists, save in the pieces in cards. This is the closest most people will get to an actual set-worn costume from The Walking Dead and given that Sophia was a popular supporting character for the second season, it is not a bad card.

The M20 Sophia Piecework card features a nice shot of Madison Lintz, in her unfortunate final state, from The Walking Dead where she emerged from hiding. On the right side of the card is the cutout window which features the cloth piece from the costume embedded in it! All versions of this card that I have found have had a plain gray cloth swatch.

The back of the card assures the recipient of the authenticity of the Wardrobe card. It states that the M20 features a piece of Madison Lintz's as Sophia’s cargo pants and that is pretty much the standard for a costume card of this style.

The value of the card makes it a great investment for those lucky enough to pull one from a pack of The Walking Dead Season 2 cards. Considering the M20 is one of the more common The Walking Dead Wardrobe cards, the fact that its value is hovering just under a hundred dollars is astonishing from a collectible perspective, though it does imply that its value is bound to collapse. While the bubble is there, the M20 remains a pretty hot commodity and one worth hunting down. Casual fans may not feel compelled, but die-hard fans will want to hunt down Madison Lintz’s costume card and they will be rewarded with a very cool card and collectible when they do!

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