Thursday, March 7, 2013

As Good For Dogs As For Babies, Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies Cloth Wipes Work!

The Good: Easy to use, clean, and clean with
The Bad: Expensive when not on clearance
The Basics: Basically glorified washclothes, Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies all wonderful cloth wipes for cleaning people and things.

When my wife and I went to see Beautiful Creatures (reviewed here!) recently, we brought our dog, Myah. Unfortunately, while we were in the movie, Myah had an accident in the car. So, when my wife discovered some cleaning products at Toys R Us on severe clearance, we were really excited. We found California Scents Coronado Cherry Fragrance Sprays (reviewed here!) and a box of 8 Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies Cloth Wipes.

The box of eight cloth wipes are essentially cloth washcloths. What are Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies cloth wipes? Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies cloth wipes are 7 1/2" by 7 3/4" rectangles of white Rayon made from bamboo and cotton. They smell like bamboo and have decent absorbancy. They clean up all sorts of messes from a dog and I have to assume they would work as well on children’s messes.

Cleaning the Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies cloth wipes is exceptionally easy. After the physical matter is removed, simply put the wipes through the laundry and they come out clean. These rinsed out easily for immediate reuse and when put through the clothes washer, the cloth wipes came out perfectly clean and ready to use again. They might be glorified washcloths, vastly overprice when not on clearance, but found inexpensively, these are a wonderful, environmentally responsible way to clean up messes of all sorts.

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