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Sour And Satisfying, Jones Soda Berry Lemonade Soda Is Worth Trying!

The Good: Decent taste, Not overly carbonated.
The Bad: Not terribly nutritious, Quite a bit pricier than most, Very sour flavor for the middle taste.
The Basics: Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is a worthwhile soda pop that is flavored like granny smith apples and is well worth trying.

Thanks to Jones Soda being a brand I am exploring of late, I have been trying a number of fruit flavored soda pops. While I had already tried the Strawberry Lime Soda (reviewed here!) and the Green Apple Soda (reviewed here!), I had much less of a reference mentally when I picked up the Berry Lemonade Soda from Jones Soda. This beverage looks like Romulan Ale from the Star Trek franchise and it was strongly fruity. It is also a pretty much a novelty beverage, as opposed to one I would eagerly recommend for “daily consumption.”

Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is a premium soda that is sold in glass bottles from Jones.


Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is a bottled soda that is both sold at grocery stores and restaurants like Panera Bread (reviewed here!). Each 12 oz. glass bottle houses the bright blue liquid. The bottles look good and while Jones is a smaller company, they are big enough that their operation is completely professional. Jones Soda has photo contests to appear on the labels.

The 12 oz. bottle represents a single serving of Jones Berry Lemonade Soda.

Ease Of Preparation

Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is a liquid in a clear 16 oz. bottle. Preparation is as easy as opening the bottle by twisting the bottle cap off and drinking the liquid inside. I recommend refrigerating the bottle first as its full flavor potential is reached by having it cool.


Jones Soda Berry Lemonade soda smells very much like cotton candy. In fact, there is almost no fruity aroma to it, so it does not hint at the full flavor of the soda.

Berry Lemonade Soda tastes initially sour, like one would expect from lemonade. The strong citrus flavor is cut into by the carbonation and then by a much sweeter blueberry flavor. The Blueberry flavor takes on more of an aftertaste than a primary taste. The Berry Lemonade Soda finishes sour, but not in an unpleasant way.

The carbonation in the Berry Lemonade Soda seems to serve the function of dissipating the sour aftertaste within twenty seconds and that makes this soda more of a thirst quencher than one might expect.


As a soda, one might expect this to have many unpronounceable ingredients. However, Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is made primarily of carbonated water, inverted cane sugar, and citric acid. There are no unpronounceable ingredients in this and Jones seems committed to creating a uniquely-flavored beverage that is not as nutritionally bad as other sodas!

Nutritionally, Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is not enough to live off of, but it could be worse. Jones Berry Lemonade Soda has a whopping 41 grams of sugar. With 170 calories per serving, there are 35 miligrams of sodium in this. Jones Berry Lemonade Soda has no fat, nor any other nutrients.


Jones Berry Lemonade Soda comes in a glass bottle and there is no clear expiration date on the bottle (unless it expires is 2084!). There is a batch code printed on the side of the bottle neck.

This drink is a bright blue color and if it gets on light fabrics it will certainly stain them. Consult a care guide for your clothes, though I suspect even light clothes will be able to wash the soda right out. As well, the drink wipes off surfaces easily with a cloth, assuming they are impermeable.


Jones Berry Lemonade Soda has an intriguing flavor that makes it worth hunting down, but not something so incredible to make one want to stock up on it.

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