Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Light And Wonderful Hand Cream, Bath & Body Works Does It Right With Shea Cashmere True Blue Spa Hand Cream!

The Good: Works very well, Decent scent, Does not pill
The Bad: Very pricy
The Basics: Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream from Bath & Body Works is a pleasantly-scented, light cream that effectively moisturizes and smells great.

On Black Friday, I went out with my wife and her family. While I was walking our dog Myah in the snow, she went into Bath & Body Works and came out with a huge bag of new health and beauty supplies. The first we’ve used is the True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream. After hours of massaging her with it (surprising how much we’ve done that since it was less than a week ago), I am actually exceptionally pleased with the product, despite how expensive it is when it is not on sale.

Bath & Body Works Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream is a body cream my wife and I have used for less than a week, but I have used it more than most skincare products lately. The Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream quickly has become one of the most-used hand and skin creams in our arsenal. It effectively softens and protects my skin, and since I picked up using it on my wife, the skin on my feet and hands has not cracked or broken as much as it had been and my wife’s skin remains soft and beautiful.

The Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream is an opaque white cream that is more like the consistency of butter than shampoo. Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream is thick, yet seems to take surprisingly little to spread over the skin of the hands or feet. A dime-sized dollop easily moisturizes and softens my hands and it takes little more to take care of each of my wife’s feet.

Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream smells of coconuts and malted milk. The scent seems is light and distinctive and the malted milk scent is actually the most analogous one and it is delightful.

On the skin, the Shea Cashmere True blue spa hand cream spreads very easily and is worked into the skin as easily. It leaves no greasy residue and one’s skin remains soft for days. I was pleasantly surprised by how the scent lasts only about four hours on the hands, more on parts that are not as active! I could smell this lotion on my wife’s back a day and a half after I gave her a back rub in it until before she showered the next night!

Shea Cashmere true blue spa hand cream, as a Bath & Body Works product, is quite a bit more expensive than most other body creams on the market, especially by volume. That said, the 2.5 oz. tube of hand cream is hard to justify at $10! Still, for how well it moisturizes, this is a wonderful cream, especially considering that when massaging on the feet for an hour, this cream impressed me most by the fact that it did not pill at all. The True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream is a great value on sale, but a slightly harder sell not half priced.

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