Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best When Free, Dove Rebalance Plum & Sakura Blossom Body Mist Is Still Worthwhile

The Good: It smells good initially, Decent packaging, Easy to use, Good scent
The Bad: Price, Scent does not endure
The Basics: Dove’s Gofresh Rebalance Plum & Sakura Blossom body splash is all right, but not superlative.

Quite some time ago, I reviewed Bath And Body Works White Tea And Ginger Body Splash (that review is here!) and I came to the conclusion that body splash is basically perfume. It does not have specific anti-bacterial properties (though, because it is made primarily of alcohol, it will kill some germs!) and it is not terribly refreshing. I was lucky enough to get the Dove Plum & Sakura Blossom Body Splash for free as part of a multipack with another Dove product, so I was actually surprised that it was as expensive as it is for the 3 oz. bottle. That said, this is a pretty decent scent that does not dry out the skin!

The 3 oz. bottle is smooth and cylindrical with a typical push-pump spray top that squirts the product out in a cloud of droplets. The bottle is designed to be used when one's hands are dry (I've discovered) as it lacks any contours or ribbing to make it easy to hold when one's hands or the bottle is wet. The bottle is slippery when wet.

The Plum & Sakura Blossom scent, which I have for my review, is actually a pretty wonderful scent. It's a very fruity scent with a hit of floral in the afterscent. The initial scent is a concentrated plum aroma and it is both distinctive and delightful. The floral finishing scent is softer and adds a mystique to the fruit aroma that is a nice compliment to the primary scent.

The scent only lasts, I have noticed, for about forty-five minutes on the skin, even when one is not doing much of anything. However, I have noticed that this body splash – despite being composed mostly of alcohol – does not dry out the skin. So, after forty-five minutes, when the scent has faded from one’s skin and hair, it may be reapplied without ruining either.

As a perfume, the body splash is more subtle than many straight-out perfumes and Dove has created a product that makes one feel clean and the very antithesis of smelly, at all times!

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