Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Myah Have A New Favorite? The Orange Monkey Precious Pals Toy Gets A Lot Of Play From Her!

The Good: Durable, Comparatively inexpensive, Squeaker holds up, Myah plays with very actively!
The Bad: None!
The Basics: Myah is very rough and actively plays with the Orange Monkey Precious Pals toy and that it has held up is extraordinary!

When my wife and I found the pile of Hartz Precious Pals dog toys, we were thrilled because our Siberian Husky, Myah, came to us with a Pink Teddy Bear (reviewed here!) dog toy that she had mothered and clearly loved for years. We were worried about Teddy wearing out and Myah becoming despondent. Fortunately, that is no longer an issue as Myah now has an entire tribe of Precious Pals to play with! Along with the half-dozen Pink Bear toys we picked up, my wife got Myah one each of the Blue Dog (reviewed here!) and Orange Monkey toys. The Orange Monkey surprised us pretty much instantly by becoming one of Myah’s very favorite, most played-with dog toys!

The Stuffed Monkey toy is a simple one; it is nine inches tall, seven and three-quarters inches wide (the way his arms flop out!). The Orange Monkey stuffed Stuffed Monkey has a round plush body, two floppy arms, two floppy legs with large feet, and a tail that is virtually unstuffed. The little ears on the Orange Monkey Precious Pals are sewn on and durable. The nose is furry and the embroidery for the smile and eyes are quality stitching.

Myah is almost five years old, but she is very rambunctious and eager to play. Myah usually does not like us to activate the squeaker on the Precious Pals (every other toy, she’s fine with that and when she sets it off, that’s fine, but if we squeeze the toy to elicit a squeak, she starts bawling and comes to rescue her Precious Pals) but it does contain a squeaker in its belly. When squeezed, the squeaker sounds just like a clown nose in a high pitch. It is distinctive and brings Myah running!

What impressed me most about the Precious Pals toy is how durable it is. The squeaker cannot be punctured easily. Myah has pushed, bit, and thrown the toy around excessively and the squeaker does not break.

Cleaning the Orange Monkey Precious Pals is fairly easy. Washing a saliva-covered Orange Monkey Precious Pals in cold water gets it clean and it may be air dried or dried in a dryer on low heat (to prevent the squeaker from melting). This is pretty much like any stuffed animal, but it should not be put in the dryer on higher settings, lest the squeaker inside become more brittle or melt.

Myah plays with Orange Monkey Precious Pals, but she does not mother it like the Pink Bear. This makes it a great play toy that Myah has proven an eagerness to play with!

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