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The Logitech TrackMan Wheel Computer Mouse Works Well Once One Is Used To It!

The Good: Efficiently uses space, Plug-and-play capability, Stylish
The Bad: Not ambidextrous, Expensive, Less durable than they used to be, Learning curve required.
The Basics: Once one overcomes the sticker shock and learning curve associated with using the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse, it is a fun, efficient mouse.

Almost a year ago, my wife and I had a bit of a fight. The argument stemmed from her assertion that I broke her Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse (and my adamant belief that after she had been using the same mouse for almost six years, it had just naturally worn out on her). Regardless, I found myself rapidly in the market for a new Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse and I was astonished by how expensive they were. When I finally managed to find one, the only retailer who had the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse charged an exorbitant $54.95 for it! The price on these appears to have gone down in the year since I purchased it, but that did not make me happy, considering the were so much more expensive just six months ago.

It actually surprises me how few products from Logitech I have reviewed. I like the company and I actually write about their products and people quite a bit at my day job. As it stands, before this evaluation of the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse, the only Logitech product I had reviewed was the Logitech Classic 200 Keyboard (that’s here!). As it is, after six months of using my wife’s Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse, I found it to be a good product, though as a left-handed person, I would have wanted (at least) an ambidextrous design for one.

The Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse is a stylish gunmetal trackball-style mouse that is 5 ¾” long by 3 7/8” wide and 1 7/8” tall. As a trackball mouse, the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse is a stationary mouse; one does not move their hand to manipulate the cursor on their screen, they use their right thumb or index finger to move the ball on the upper left side of the mouse. The Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse is designed for one to use their right thumb to manipulate the ball and that frees up the index and middle fingers to utilize the two buttons and/or the scroll wheel at the head of the mouse. Experience has proven to me that this is a well-designed mouse in that regard.

Given that I will sit down and use the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse for hours on end, I can attest to the positive benefits of the ergonomic design of this mouse. The smooth shape is designed to fit all the proper angles of the hand and it works beautifully in that regard. No matter how long I have used the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse in a stretch, my fingers and hand have never suffered any form of fatigue common with using a mouse for a long period of time.

The Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse is USB-connected to the laptop or PC and the four foot cord is more than adequate for that, especially considering that one does not need to move their hand while using the trackball mouse. The trackball is very easy to use . . . after a few days of consistent use. I found getting used to a trackball mouse was initially very disorienting – having to only move a few fingers as opposed to moving the whole hand takes a little getting used to. Sure, it is far more convenient, but it does take some time to learn. The two click buttons work just fine and have never shown any spring fatigue on either of the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mice I have used.

I have become a slave for scroll wheels. In fact, the prime reason I am not as enchanted with my laptop computer’s mousepad is that I have found myself to be pretty much dependent upon scroll wheels to get the most out of all the programs I use. The scroll wheel on the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse, located between the two keys at the top of the mouse, has never stuck or not responded in a fashion which one might expect. The TrackMan Wheel’s scroll wheel works ideally!

The same cannot be said for the actual trackball. With no difference in how the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse was being used, our six month-old TrackMan Wheel has begun sticking and being fussy in a way that the original one did not. The main problem we have with the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse is that it sticks, but I’ve also noticed an odd habit of “slippage.” If the TrackMan Wheel is bumped, it seems to be especially sensitive to movement side to side. In other words, if it is bumped, the cursor tends to move left to right or right to left, regardless of how much the actual ball moves. The latter was not a problem we experienced with the first one.

In general, though, the Logitech TrackMan Wheel computer mouse is a solid trackball mouse that one only wishes was less expensive and left-handed!

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