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It’s Like Dr. Pepper Made The Germs Go Away . . . Bath & Body Works Scary Cats Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel!

The Good: Appears to work, Easy to apply, Exceptionally good scent!
The Bad: Price.
The Basics: Scary Cats Black Cherry Anti-bacterial Hand Gel is one of the best-scented, effective anti-bacterial hand gels from Bath & Body Works!

During my too-brief visit with my wife last Sunday, I was delighted when she gave me a thing or two to take back with me to review. One of the things she gave me to review was a Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial hand gel and I was delighted to discover that her taste was impeccable; when she opened it up for me, I pretty much fell in love with the scent. The hand gel was Scary Cats Black Cherry hand gel and the only thing that surprised me more than the fact that I enjoyed this scent and product so much was the fact that I have only previously reviewed a single Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial hand gel! That was the Plumeria Hand Gel (reviewed here!) and that was one I pretty much loathed!

For those who are unfamiliar with the recent trend in personal hygiene, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels are like liquid soap. You drop a few drops of a gel onto your hands, then rub your hands together and the gel evaporates, killing bacteria on your hands. Also, it has the tendency to clean off mild amounts of dirt. It's a convenient way to clean your hands and keep them sterile while on the run or around a lot of sick people. Or when you're not around water or when you're trying to interact with people you don't want to get sick, which is why a lot of hospitals are using these now.

Honestly, anti-bacterial hand gels are genius. They are wonderful when one is on the road and sees kids wiping their noses on their hands and then opening doors that you're about to have to touch. I could come up with literally a thousand places and times I've used anti-bacterial hand gels. Since I started working in a regular office environment (and seeing the habits of my coworkers) I’ve used more anti-bacterial hand gel lately. Anti-bacterial hand gels are essentially biological weapons against bacteria that are convenient, easy to use and basically make living in a first world country a real treat.

Scary Cats Black Cherry scented anti-bacterial hand gel for Bath & Body Works is incredible! This 3 oz. bottle smells exactly like Dr. Pepper soda. It is delightful and consistent and it makes my mouth water every time I smell it. In fact, if there ever was a reason to delight in killing bacteria, the Scary Cats Black Cherry scent would have to be it!

Scary Cats Black Cherry anti-bacterial hand gel comes in a 3 oz. bottle for $4.00. The fluid is translucent dark pink with little blue microbeads suspended in it. As near as I can tell, the microbeads do nothing. They dissipate when one uses the gel, so it is not like they are a grit for cleaning the hands.

The bottle is a rhombus shape that fits in the hand rather easily. The flip-top lid makes it easy to open and close the bottle with one hand. This is especially convenient because if you believe you need to sterilize your hands, odds are you will not want to touch many things until you've done. The ability to manipulate the bottle with one hand while getting the product out is a good selling point.

The bottle recommends a dime-sized drop to sterilize one's hands. That seemed to work for me and when applying this gel, the scent remains on the skin for about an hour.

Unlike most anti-bacterial hand gels, the Scary Cats scented Bath and Body Works hand gel does not dry the skin out. It’s a nice change from many of the other Bath & Body Works hand gels I have used. Even when I used two Scary Cats Black Cherry blobs in an hour, this hasn’t dried out my skin.

Because I have only had this hand gel for a week, it’s too early for me to tell if it actually does prevent illness, but because I haven’t gotten sick and I have been using it daily for a week, I have to suspect that it is the real deal! Between that and the scent, it is well worth it!

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