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“When I Bite Into A York Peppermint Batty . . .” . . .It Has A Delightful Bite!

The Good: Great peppermint flavor, Fun shape, Nutrition could be a lot worse.
The Bad: Not the most nutritious thing ever, Not darkest chocolate flavor, Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Released for Halloween, York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Battys are a wonderful seasonal treat worth stocking up on . . . after the season!

Sometimes, it amazes me how long it takes me to get around to some of my reviews. For example, my wife picked me up a York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Batty right after Halloween. I popped it into the freezer and said I would take it out to review as soon as I could. It turns out that tonight fits the awkward definition of “as soon as I could!”

The York Peppermint Patties Batty, is essentially a York Peppermint Patty in the shape of a small bat. They come in dark blue/purple wrappers to illustrate their holiday nature, but they are basically York Peppermint Patties, which, unsurprisingly, I am a fan of!


York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Batty are a seasonally-available Hershey's candy bar. The York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Batty is, predictably, in the shape of a little bat. Adorable for Halloween, this candy could be used for Batman advertising, it is that stylized of a bat! The 1.2 oz. package houses a single bat that is 2 1/2" wide by 2 1/4" tall by 3/8” thick. This is unmistakably a bat and the dark chocolate coating on it is slightly textured.

Each York Dark Peppermint Patties Batty sells for about a dollar around Halloween, but we tend to buy them after and get them half-off! At fifty-cents each, these are a value.

Ease Of Preparation

These are candy, so preparing them is as simple as opening the wrapper and then eating the candy. There is no trick or mystery to eating York Dark Peppermint Patties Batty. As long as you have opposable thumbs, no fear of bats, and a mouth, the Dark Peppermint Patties Batty is pretty much yours for the consuming!


The York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Battys smell exclusively like sweet, cool, peppermint. By their scent one might think that they were smelling a peppermint latte or a package of hard peppermint candies. The scent is inviting to anyone who loves the taste of peppermint candy.

Biting into the Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Batty, one is rewarded with a familiar flavor of a York Peppermint Patty. The dark chocolate that surrounds the white peppermint filling inside is not very thick at all. Instead, it is almost nonexistent in its taste, more a way to contain the center. The firm, slightly dry coating of chocolate surrounds the exceptionally sweet, firm Peppermint filling inside. The mint is cold and overwhelms the chocolate flavor almost instantly. As well, York Dark Peppermint Patties Battys do not have a waxy aftertaste that often comes from mass-produced chocolates like this one.

This candy leaves the mouth with a sweet, cool taste. The aftertaste is not at all unpleasant and unlikely to make one feel like they need a drink.


These are candy and a mass produced one at that, so it is tough to look at these for something nutritious and then blame them for not being overly healthy. York Peppermint Patties Battys are not nearly as bad as they could be on the nutrition front, though, which surprised me as the ingredient list did not degenerate into a listing of chemicals I could not pronounce. Instead, the primary ingredients sugar, corn syrup, and semi-sweet chocolate. There is nothing unpronounable in these candies, though there is an abbreviated preservative (PGPR). Everything else is easily identifiable.

A serving of the York Dark Peppermint Patties Batty is considered one package. From a single package, York Dark Peppermint Patties Battys provides 120 calories, only 20 of those calories being from fat. There is no cholesterol and only 10 mg of sodium in each Batty. Outside carbs, there is really nothing of nutritional value in the Batty.

Honestly, these are candy and anyone looking to them for actual nutrition needs to get a reality check. These are not Vegan-compliant, nor are noted to be either kosher or gluten-free.


The pack of these York Dark Peppermint Patties Batty remain fresh for quite some time. The one my wife got me for Halloween had no expiration date and it was fine when I consumed it tonight. Given that they are wrapped in a very sealed package, it is hard to imagine just what it would take for these to go bad outside melting and refreezing. Hershey's chocolates do seem especially susceptible to melting, though.

As for cleanup, I applaud those who actually throw the wrappers away in socially appropriate places, as opposed to litter. Outside that, there is no real cleanup needed, unless one is eating them in a hot environment. In that case, it is likely one would need to wash their hands. If this chocolate bar melts into most fabrics, it will stain. Getting them to melt, unfortunately, does not take much.


York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties Battys are delicious and, despite not being as dark as I would like, they are delicious!

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