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Strong, Durable, Inexpensive, But Not At All Minty, Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss Is Worth Buying!

The Good: It is inexpensive, It works exceptionally well
The Bad: Utter lack of mint flavor
The Basics: Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss is a wonderful dental floss that lives up to almost all of its promises!

Whenever I review a product type that is new to my blog, I try very hard to review a few different versions of it so that readers can get a firm idea of the comparisons between the products. I try especially hard to deliver multiple reviews of a new product type especially when my first review of a new-to-blog product pans it. So, following on the heels of me panning the hell out of G-U-M Mint Waxed Butleweave Dental Floss (that’s here!), I thought it would be great to get in a review of Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss. Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss is a much better product, one that is only hampered by its utter lack of smell or taste even resembling mint.

Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss comes in a 100 yard spool and, for me, that represents about seven months of dental floss, considering I generally use a miserly foot and a half of floss each flossing. Aim Mint Waxed Nylon Dental Floss is a white, nylon thread that is accessed by flipping open the top of the container. This keeps the spool protected from water and debris, while still allowing access to the next length of floss.

To dispense Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss, simply flip open the top of the 100 yard container and pull the white nylon floss out. This package features one hole out of which the floss is drawn and a simple tab-style cutter about an inch away from the dispensing hole. This allows one to be assured that they will never lose the end of the Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss! Simply sliding the floss underneath the tab and pulling easily snaps the floss, leaving one ready to use it.

Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss is an exceptionally simple product to use. After the length of floss has been cut, secure the floss around your fingers. Because of the angles one needs to hit when flossing, I recommend against pinching the floss. Instead, I wrap the floss loosely around the tips of my index fingers, essentially creating a garrote with it. Then, stick your fingers in your mouth, pushing the floss thread between the space between each tooth, stopping when you hit your gums. I tend to work from the top down so that way I’m not cleaning my gums and teeth on bottom only to resoil them moments later with material from up top. After the floss is between a pair of teeth, gently move it back and forth, loosening up any matter that has gotten trapped between your teeth and gums. Repeat with each tooth, moving along the floss to prevent breakage.

The first few times one uses Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss, or any dental floss, the results will be pretty gross; that’s normal. The material that comes out of your mouth the first time you floss is tartar, plaque and – most importantly – food and other materials that is literally rotting in your mouth. As it rots, it wears away at the enamel on your teeth and destroys your gums, forcing an immune response.

Fortunately, Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss actually works! It is strong and durable. I have found that, unless my gums are bleeding or I actually have something stuck between my teeth, I do not even need to move along the length of the floss. It is that strong. I have not experienced any fraying or breakage of this floss and that makes it very easy to recommend . . .

Except on the taste front. Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss does not taste at all like mint. In fact, my spool of it did not even smell like it. Not one whiff!

Even so, Aim Mint Wax Nylon Dental Floss is very easy to recommend, though you might as well just get the flavor-/scentless version; it seems like it would be identical!

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