Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Versatile And Cool, The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed Is A Great Dog Feeding System!

The Good: Neat feature, Reasonably priced, Myah uses it enthusiastically
The Bad: I’m not wild about the color, The “self-watering” system did not work on ours.
The Basics: The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed dog feeding system is a beneficial dog feeding system that aids Myah in getting the food and water she needs, easier!

When my wife and I adopted our new Siberian Husky, a four year-old named Myah, it forced us to restock the house with many basic pet supplies. While my bank account was not thrilled, my blogging efforts were! We picked up so many neat things that it was hard for me not to get excited about them. One of the first things we got was the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed, which is a dog feeding system.

The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed is a pair of stainless steel bowls that fit perfectly into a hollow plastic stand. The stand features two parts and allows one to store food beneath it, as well as raise the bowls to a level that reduces stress on the dog’s back and neck. Despite the pukey tan color of the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed, it is exceptionally easy to recommend this dog feeding system.

Each of the two stainless steel bowls that comes in the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed pet feeder is 8 1/4" in diameter and 2 3/4" tall. The plastic storage and stand unit is basically a tall oval-shaped container that has two parts. The basic unit is 22” wide and 10 1/4" deep. The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed is either 8” or 1’ tall, depending upon how it is configured. In the storage configuration, the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed is 8” tall and works well for shorter animals. If you remove the top of the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed and then turn the base or top around, you may put the top back on and in that configuration, it stands taller. You can use the base as a place to store dog food. This is fine, but not ideal if there are ants in one’s home.

The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed is very easy to use, though it might take a little bit to get it to stay up in the raised position. The first time I tried to get the inner tabs to catch on the lower part, it didn’t quite take and I had to retry it. As a result, I do not recommend filling the lower part with dog food before trying to get the raised top to stay up.

Myah likes the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed because, as a taller dog, she does not like to lean over to eat. The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed has effectively reduced the strain on Myah’s back. The OurPet’s Store-N-Feed is ideal for helping larger dogs eat and drink easier.

The only real drawback I found with the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed, outside the color, is the watering aspect of it. On the water dish side, there is supposed to be a “self-watering system.” There is a notch into which a bottle of water is supposed to fit. It does, but when I tried to get this function to work, it overflowed the water area instead of dispensing water automatically only when the dog drinks out of that side.

That said, the rest of the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed works amazingly well. The metal bowls are easy to put in and take out. The entire OurPet’s Store-N-Feed is exceptionally easy to clean and keep clean. For a relatively low cost, the OurPet’s Store-N-Feed helps bigger dogs eat in a more enjoyable fashion.

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