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A Good Variety For Gollum, Temptations Mix Ups Catnip Fever Is A Good Blend!

The Good: Relatively inexpensive, My cat enjoys them, It has helped to maintain my cat's dental health
The Bad: Small package, The Chicken flavor did not grab Gollum as much as the other two.
The Basics: The Catnip Fever blend of Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups are delightful and well worth picking up for your cat!

I am many things. In terms of being a cat owner, I am pretty much the antithesis to the old Monty Python sketch “Confuse-a-cat.” My little black cat, Gollum, is so well-spoiled that he would never need a service like “Confuse-a-cat!” Part of what keeps Gollum happy and so stimulated is the variety of treats I bring him. When my wife and I picked up the Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups Catnip Fever blend of cat treats, I had a pretty good feeling that Gollum would enjoy them.

And he did! (Mostly.)

The Catnip Fever blend is a mix of Chicken, Catnip, and Cheese flavors. Gollum was exceptionally excited about the Catnip and Cheddar flavors. This is not to say the Chicken ones are bad, but Gollum has, with absolute consistency, consumed the other two flavors before the Chicken each and every time. He will pick around the Chicken to eat the Catnip and Cheese, then eat the Chicken ones when there are none of the others left. This assortment still gets high marks from me (and Gollum), though, because Gollum never abandoned the Chicken treats; he would stay to eat them up, even if he waited to eat them last. That means he liked them, even if he has a preference for the other two flavors in the assortment.

Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups come in a variety of flavors and we picked up the Catnip Fever blend because Gollum enjoys cheese, chicken and, though he has not had much experience with it, catnip. Given how enthusiastically consumes these, they must live up on the flavor front. The three flavors within this assortment are about evenly distributed in their 3 oz. bag. The environmentally protective person within me acknowledges that the small plastic bag is not the best for the environment, but it does keep these treats fresh.

Gollum started young on tartar control treats and as a result, he never developed bad breath and the only treats my boy gets are ones that have the health benefit of being tartar control. Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups Catnip Fever cat treats are a tartar control treat and they are very hard. They physically scrape tartar and plaque from Gollum’s teeth when he eats them. His breath has gotten no worse since he started having these treats. So, for $1.50, being able to avoid a teeth cleaning for my cat that would cost hundreds of dollars seemed like a good idea to me!

After a pouch of Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups, I can say with some authority that the Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups treats seem to be working well as a preventative measure by effectively keeping tartar from building up on my cats' teeth. Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups cat treats are crunchy little treats that come in various flavors, including tuna, salmon and the Catnip Fever flavors. The Catnip Fever flavored treats are shaped 1/2" by 3/8” rectangles that are 1/4” thick and slightly rounded like little pillows. These cat treats are green (catnip), yellow-tan (cheese) and reddish-brown (chicken) and firm and when they are broken open, there is a thin layer of flavored paste inside.

Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups treats are available only in the stiff-plastic pouches which make it easy to tell if they have been tampered with. Each plastic pouch is vacuum sealed and has an olvie green-colored bag which is very recognizable and protects the treats inside well. The stiff plastic creates a loud, recognizable crinkling sound that brings cats to it right away (I still call out to my cat with the question "Who wants treats?" whenever dispensing this as a treat). Sadly, there are other food products (like vacuum-sealed dinners) that come in similar pouches and when opening them, one's cats are likely to descend, eager for a treat. Whiskas took a lesson from the makers of Pounce when making the Temptations Mix Ups.

The truth is, though, I'm a somewhat lazy cat owner. My cat keeps me moving around to play fetch and keep the litter box immaculately cleaned, I'm often too busy (or forgetful) to give him treats every day like Whiskas insists he deserves. What I've begun to do is mix the treats in with the catfood, so Gollum gets the treats like Lucky Charms marshmallows in his dinner. The package makes no recommendations for how many treats a cat gets each day, though it does warn that Tasty Tidbits are intended as supplemental food, as opposed to actual meals for cats. They have two calories per treat, so these are not bad to give to Gollum, who is eight years old. Regardless, my mixing them into the regular cat food seems like a good idea and my boy gets five to ten treats that way each day.

Mixing the treats into the food makes a package last about two weeks with my cat. I tend to keep one pouch for use as treats (they get treat time an average of once every other day) and I mix the rest into their food when I jar it up. I jar all of my cat food up to keep the potential mouse population at bay (mice like Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups treats as well). These treats have a decent shelf life in comparison to other cat treats. The package which I picked up in early-May has an October 7, 2013 expiration date!

I refuse to taste sample this treat myself to determine whether or not they taste like what they are supposed to. Gollum likes them and keeps coming back for them eagerly.

The Catnip Fever flavored Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups are made up primarily of chicken by-product meal, ground corn and animal fat before the ingredient list turns into odd things like catnip powder, brewers rice and Taurine. Gollum enjoys these as a treat and his health has not changed since we started using the Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups. The Catnip Fever flavored treats contain at least 30% crude protein, 17% crude fat and less than 4.5% crude fiber and 12% moisture. These are not a bad food for my cat.

All in all, the Catnip Fever flavored cat treats from Whiskas Temptations Mix Ups are great and Gollum heartily recommends most of the assortment!

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