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So Simple, One Has To Wonder Why It Is So Expensive: M9126GA Connector For iPod!

The Good: Does exactly what it is designed to do.
The Bad: Relatively expensive for what it does, Not as durable as I’d like!
The Basics: Despite the expense and the fact that cats may easily wreck this necessary implement for iPods, the Apple M1926GA Connector is necessary for iPod users!

As I have taken the time to get to know my new iPod Touch (reviewed here!), I have come to learn a lot about the device and how it works. I have also come to learn quite a bit about how Apple works as a company. The 8 GB iPod Touch arrived to me free as part of a contest. However, after using the M1926GA Connector that came with the device for a few weeks, I discovered two troubling things: first, the connector (which is little more than a cord) seems to be enticing to my active cat, Gollum, and second, Apple has no compunctions about charging through the nose for this vital component.

What is the Apple M1926GA Connector? This is a support piece for the iPod products, most notably the iPod Touch. I came to need mine replaced when Gollum chewed through mine when my iPod Touch was recharging on my partner's computer. Apparently, this is like a Twizzler's candy to my cat! The iPod Touch comes with one M1926GA Connector and most people ought not to need theirs replaced ever, so long as they are careful about where they store their iPod.

But for those who do need to replace their Apple M1926GA Connector, they are sadly in a predicament. The Connector runs in the $20.00 range and the reason is simple: as an official Apple product, Apple is able to charge whatever they want for it. Consumers are likely to pay because they need the M1926GA Connector. Why is that? The M1926GA Connector is a specific tool used to connect the iPod Touch (and other iPod products I do not own) to the computer.

The iPod Touch has a very thin port at the bottom of the device. This port is a 1 ¼" long slot that is essentially configured like a USB port, save that it is longer. This port is unique to iPod products and this port is what allows the iPod to connect to docks and to one's Apple or PC. The method of connecting the unique port to the Universal port (USB port) is through the Apple M1926GA Connector. The iPod Touch has the female end, the port, the M1926GA Connector has the male end, which fits into the female end.

The M1926GA Connector is a simple piece of equipment. It has the male unique port for iPods on one end, a two foot plastic-coated cable, and a USB male end on the opposite end. The USB end fits every female USB port on the planet, from laptops to PCs. The M1926GA Connector provides power to the iPod to recharge because the USB port, when connected to the iPod through this Connector, transfers electricity. As well, the M1926GA Connector transfers information. This vital little cord is what moves the information from one's computer and iTunes account to the iPod. Without it, one needs a different recharging port to repower the battery within the iPod. As well, they must rely on the wireless connection on the iPod Touch to transfer information to the iPod (if that is even possible).

As such, the Apple M1926GA Connector is a vital piece of equipment, but it is essentially a specialized cord. The male end has little clips that inform one of its successful insertion into the iPod by a little "click" noise that indicates it is properly attached. Those clips seem not to wear out or rust (no reason they ought to as one should not be putting this or the iPod into water!) and this seems like because it is made of metal, it will not wear out when one simply pulls it out of the iPod when they are ready to be mobile again.

But this vital piece of equipment is disappointing for the fragility of the cord (my cat wasn't at it more than a minute before he had it severed) and the expense. If it were not so expensive, this would be an average product. But because Apple knows it is vital to data transfer and repowering of iPods everywhere, they seem to have no problem with charging through the nose for this. That drags it down and makes it easy not to rate it well, even if it is a necessity for iPod users.

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