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Fabulous Television Hair Moments In A Bottle: VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Shampoo Delivers!

The Good: Inexpensive, Intriguing scent, Cleans hair, Lathers well
The Bad: None that I can find
The Basics: Inexpensive, mild on the eyes, and with a great, enduring scent, Vanilla Mint Tea Shampoo is a wonderful Tea Therapy Shampoo worth stocking up on!

Have you ever gotten movie-beautiful hair from right out of a bottle of shampoo? Have you ever managed to get super stylish hair from a ridiculously inexpensive shampoo (and conditioner)? I have and it shocked me quite a bit when I did. The reason it surprised me because it was so unexpected and I don't think I ever expected to find a perfect shampoo from VO5. But that is exactly what I found in their Vanilla Mint Tea Tea Therapy shampoo!

Eager to try something new, I picked up the shampoo and conditioner from the VO5 Tea Therapy line called Vanilla Mint Tea. The Tea Therapy are one of VO5s newer experiments in trendy shampoos and frankly I picked the shampoo up because the scent sounded intriguing and when I opened the bottle to smell it in the store, it smelled delightful. The shampoo is a translucent blue-green shampoo. The Vanilla Mint Tea Tea Therapy shampoo is a clarifying shampoo and it certainly lives up to that!

I tend to like shampoos that both clean and leave hair smelling good. The Vanilla Mint Tea shampoo did that beautifully. Not only that, after my first use of the shampoo, my hair was perfectly cleaned and smelled wonderful. After my first use of the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was all that, plus bouncy, more manageable and looked better. Yes, I got me some movie hair from the Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint Tea shampoo! I tend to have hair that gets dry quickly when overwashed, so the idea tea therapy was intriguing enough for me to try and this is possibly the one gimmick concept I can get behind fully. Since I began washing my hair with the Vanilla Mint Tea shampoo, my hair has never gotten back to dry and cracking.

With a cost of approximately $1.00 for a 15 oz. bottle, Vanilla Mint Tea is affordable. The bottle is smooth and slightly tapered at the top. However, because it is more flat than round, it does not slip out of the hands easily, certainly not as easily as VO5 bottles used to. The cap has a flip-top that makes it very easy to get the shampoo out with only one hand. As well, the new larger cap with greater surface area makes it even easier, though because the hole is still fairly small, there is no waste from the bottle.

The scent of Vanilla Mint Tea is an intriguing mix of vanilla and a hint of wintergreen. The vanilla is the scent that seems to linger in the hair - I washed and dried my hair seventeen hours ago and I just smelled it and it smells like vanilla! The mint scent effervesces more when one is in a hot, steamy shower and I suspect that the mint in the shampoo does more of the stripping away other scents that might be lingering on the hair than actually scenting the hair. Regardless of the less mint smell, the vanilla scent is the vanilla shampoo scent that has become rather common in the market. That is to say, it is a subtle vanilla flavor, not like a vanilla bean, "knock-your-socks-off,-oh-my-that's-vanilla!" scent. It is subtle, clearly vanilla in an "artificially flavored" type way, but it works. It is still a delightful smell and it smells great on the hair. Over the weeks I have used this, the scent of the product did not diminish in the bottle; this blue-green shampoo still smells strongly like vanilla.

Like most shampoos, there is nothing mysterious to using this product. You wet your hair, lather it up with this shampoo and rinse. Most VO5 products I can get away with using about a quarter-sized drop and that is so with the Vanilla Mint Tea. This may or may not be indicative of all the Tea Therapy line, but I quickly discovered that a quarter-sized dollop of the shampoo in my hand easily lathered up to be able to work through all my hair. I have long hair and Vanilla Mint Tea shampoo lathered up incredibly to clean all of my hair.

This shampoo has an excellent lather quality. It took very little to work it up to a lather and that lather spreads into the hair and cleans amazingly. Indeed, with average usage, the product was one of the easiest shampoos I have used to spread through my hair. This required very little agitation to lather it properly and the results were spectacular, especially for the minimal effort.

This shampoo rinses out incredibly easily, as well. When I am in a hurry and can only wash my hair, the Vanilla Mint Tea shampoo rinses out very quickly and leaves my hair very clean. Moreover, the shampoo alone leaves the hair with a mild scent of vanilla that lasts hours after it is rinsed out. The Vanilla Mint Tea required almost no effort to rinse it out, making is a quick shampoo to apply and rinse out.

When a product works this well, it is strange because there is actually so little to say about it. I don't like to spend a ton of time on my hair, but I like the results of a good shampoo or conditioner. The Vanilla Mint Tea is the best shampoo I have EVER used and its quality surprised me from the first time I used it. Indeed, it was a bit of a bummer waiting a full month of use before writing this review because I was so pleased with what this shampoo was doing with my hair. Now, odds are the diminishing number of split ends is likely to the conditioner that I used with this (it was the VO5 Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner) but the shampoo on its own does everything it claims to as far as cleaning, plus adds a wonderful scent for scent memory to enhance my hair.

The Vanilla Mint Tea does not make my hair feel heavy when it is still wet, and once dry, the shampoo lives up to its promise of moisturized, healthy-looking hair. I almost wish I kept my lousy job in the harsh-hair environment (I worked in a factory for a while where brazing chemicals in the air stripped my hair and left it dry and brittle) just to see how this would hold up in hellish conditions, but in day-to-day use, this is a pretty wonderful and amazing shampoo.

And this does not dry out my hair, nor does it leave it with any greasy residue. It moisturizes well, though not well enough that it actually repairs the hair and protects it in the way a conditioner does.

What more can we ask of a shampoo that does all that it claims and then impresses us with the shine and bounce it leaves our hair with? In the case of Vanilla Mint Tea, I gladly stock up because the scent is so good on top of the basic hair-cleaning requirements. I only hope VO5 keeps this one on the market; this could be the one I stick with for life!

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