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Perfect Conditioner For The Perfect Shampoo: VO5's "Vanilla Mint Tea" Conditioner Works And Lasts!

The Good: Moisturizes hair, Smells good, Inexpensive, Smell endures, Washes out easily, Gives body and bounce
The Bad: None that I can find!
The Basics: A surprisingly amazing conditioner, VO5's Vanilla Mint Tea Tea Therapy conditioner is the perfect companion to the perfect shampoo with the same scent!

For those who might not follow my reviews, it takes a lot for me to rate something with a perfect ten out of ten (or zero out of ten, for that matter): I tend to be ruled by the law of averages and most things I encounter, especially in Health And Beauty tend to head toward the average. As a result, when I do find something that truly impresses me, it is often worth noting and taking advantage of. I recently had that experience with VO5's Vanilla Mint Tea Shampoo (reviewed here!). The truth of it is, though, that I've been using the Vanilla Mint Tea Shampoo with the Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner almost without deviation. And they make for an amazing combination, with the shampoo cleaning and the conditioner conditioning well and sealing in the wonderful scent to boot!

Vanilla Mint Tea Clarifying Conditioner is part of the Tea Therapy line of VO5 hair care products, shampoos and conditioners that has tea infusions that supposedly help revitalize dry and damaged hair and protect it from the elements. It comes in a 15 fl. oz. plastic bottle and has an opaque white color. In most retail outlets, it may be found for $1.00 when on sale. VO5 has a strong reputation (well deserved) for providing inexpensive hair care options and the Tea Therapy line seems to be their attempt to capitalize on the niche market that surrounds such trendy things as organics, soy milk, tea infusions etc. in hair care products. The thing is, this one actually works, which puts it ahead of the curve, as far as I'm concerned!

The bottle is a simple soft plastic bottle with a hard plastic flip top lid. VO5 has recently redesigned their bottles to be a little wider and flatter, which is good for holding onto them in the shower or tub. The bottles no longer slip as easily out of one's hands and that is pretty nice, especially for clumsy people like me. The flip top bottle is very easy to open with one hand if need be. It may, similarly, be closed easily with just a thumb.

The Vanilla Mint Tea Clarifying Conditioner is a wonderful conditioner that revitalizes dry and damaged hair when used in combination with the Vanilla Mint shampoo. As winter approaches, I tend to a fire and also am often outdoors in the wind and cold. This takes my normal hair and often strips it back to dry. I get split ends more in the winter under these conditions than at other times of the year. I've been using this conditioner for a month (a full bottle for me) now and as the weather has turned, my hair has not!

The Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner did an amazing job of preventing some of the damage I am accustomed to suffering through this time of the year. Despite being called a "clarifying" conditioner, which seems to make it sound like some new-age ineffective conditioner, this is a wonderfully moisturizing conditioner that has not only held-the-line against damage with my hair, but actually made it more manageable and bouncy. This is the conditioner I have been waiting for as it truly revitalized my hair!

I have long hair and in order to get enough of this conditioner to adequately coat my full head of hair, it took at least two dollops of conditioner, half-dollar sized each. This is a lot of conditioner, but I have come to accept that while shampoo lathers up and can be stretched, conditioner cannot. Instead, this conditioner requires about twice as much product to cover the same area as the shampoo. This means that as far as usage goes, the $1.00 value shampoo and the $1.00 value conditioner becomes a $3.00 hair care regimen, though that's not bad considering it can be stretched to last approximately two months.

The Vanilla Mint Tea actually added volume, shine and bounce to my hair, after only two or three uses! Vanilla Mint Tea moisturizing conditioner also prevented split ends and drying right away. The thing is, I've never had a conditioner that was both affordable and did so much for conditioning my hair. Most inexpensive conditioners seem to work as a preventative, not a restorative. This one does both!

Like most conditioners, this requires a thorough rinsing in order to get it all out. I discovered very early on that this is not something that may be rushed with this product as it has a fairly wet/waxy coating when it is not properly rinsed out. This is problematic for those who are on-the-go and eager to get out of the shower (especially if one has a lot of hair and doing a proper washing means finishing up as the hot water runs out!). But so long as one rinses it out properly, this is fine.

So, on the conditioning end, this is pretty incredible. It lives up on the most basic conditioning functions as well as that of a moisturizer and bodybuilder. This is the great conditioner that actually works.

Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner is also the ideal product for those who want to lock the scent of vanilla into their hair. I quickly came to love the vanilla scent of the Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint Tea shampoo. While this conditioner does not have as strong a vanilla (or mint or tea, for that matter) scent, it does do a pretty amazing job of sealing the shampoo's scent in so it lasts a full day. Indeed, I washed and conditioned my hair yesterday morning and woke up this morning and smelled my hair and it still smell delectably vanilla! Without the conditioner, the shampoo's scent fades pretty quickly, but with it, it lasts quite well!

In other words, this might well be a perfect conditioner and it does all it promises and more, which is a nice change from many conditioners I have tried that simply protect. This one revitalizes and it does it in a way that leaves hair smelling great!

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