Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Intuitive Basic Keyboard, The Dell L100 Keyboard Holds Up!

The Good: Stylish color, Easy to install, Seems durable, Easy to keep clean, Easy USB installation, Inexpensive, All keys appear to work just fine over long periods of time!
The Bad: None that I can find!
The Basics: A very good basic 104 key keyboard, the Dell L100 Keyboard is a good replacement for anyone who needs a new keyboard!

It has been quite some time since I reviewed a keyboard. In fact, I think the only one I may have reviewed so far is my Logitech Classic 200 Keyboard (reviewed here!).That changes now as I find myself considering the keyboard I use every day at work: the Dell L100 Keyboard. The L100 Keyboard is an ideal, simple, no-frills keyboard. It is not backlit, it does not feature any form of embedded mouse; it is the most basic style of keyboard imaginable, save that it is black, as opposed to the traditional gray keyboard.

The Dell L100 Keyboard connects to a PC using a USB port. Most new computers seem to take this into account and do not even offer a specialized keyboard or mouse port anymore. The Dell L100 Keyboard is plug and play compatible on all current systems as a basic interface device. For those running older computers, the Dell L100 Keyboard does not come with an adapter for the traditional keyboard port. The Dell 100 Keyboard works by simply plugging it into the computer.

And it does look sharp with its nice black keys. It's a good looking keyboard. It is advertised as spill resistant and over the last nine months, I have spilled quite a bit onto the Dell L100 Keyboard, but it has not given out on me (though, to be fair, usually within seconds of spilling something on the keyboard, I am already wiping it up!). The space between the keys is minimal, so dust, hair and debris will have a difficult time accumulating in between them. Unfortunately, it’s also a real pain to get things that do fall between the keys back out; I currently have a little white paper hole mocking me from between the F and R keys!

The Layout of the L100 Keyboard is sensible, with all of the keys in comfortable positions. I’ve not had any issues with any of the keys sticking or failing to work over the last nine months, which means that this keyboard actually is durable. The L100 Keyboard has a pretty small footprint on the desktop as well. This keyboard is only two inches tall when the feet in back are raised. The D100 Keyboard is also seventeen inches wide and six inches deep.

Unfortunately, because it does so very much right, the Dell L100 Keyboard leaves me without anything to complain about and nets a surprisingly short review!

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