Monday, November 6, 2017

The Gillette Treo Works Well For What It Promises!

The Good: Easy for a caretaker to use, Delivers a close shave, Convenient combination of shave gel and razor
The Bad: Only one blade on the head, Nebulous pricing
The Basics: The Gillette Treo provides what it promises as a way for a caretaker to shave their charge with the feeling of control and safety for a Gillette-close shave.

When it comes to health and beauty products, one of the most expensive and least-enduring products are disposable razors. The truth is, I never had much cause to review disposable razors. After all, my general impression on razors has been that they are proportionately more expensive than they need to be; regular razors with disposable blades are much more cost-effective and efficient for shaving. But, when Gillette announced the Treo disposable razor, I thought it was an interesting concept worth investigating.

The Gillette Treo is a disposable razor with shave gel in the handle. The single-use disposable razor is intended for assisted shaving. The purpose of this disposable razor is to provide a safe shaving experience for people who are unable to shave for themselves and their caregivers/family members who must shave them.

The Gillette Treo is a surprisingly short disposable razor. The handle is a tube filled with shaving gel and a flip-top lid to dispense it. The other end of the soft plastic tube holds the razor head that is enhanced for protection. The razor head swivels and comes with a plastic guard. The entire Gillette Treo is surprisingly soft, save the actual metal razor on the razor head. The Gillette Treo measures 3 3/4" long, 15/16" in diameter on the shave gel end, and has a razor head that is 1 11/16" wide by 5/8" deep. The sharp edge of the razor is protected by a hard series of vanes that separate and lift hair, in addition to the soft guard that must be removed to access the razor blade.

Using the Gillette Treo disposable razor is a little more complicated than the standard razor. First, one should wash the area that needs to be shaved and then flip open the cap to dispense the shave gel. The shave gel from the Gillette Treo has a mild, inoffensive, slightly citrus scent to it. For a disposable razor, I was surprised by how much shave gel came in the Gillette Treo; I have a pretty big face and neck and there was enough shaving gel in the handle to cover my whole shaving area at least three times.

The shaving gel does not lather up, nor tingle. Despite that, Gillette recommends letting the gel sit on the washed face for at least thirty seconds before beginning to shave. After the shaving gel has sat for thirty seconds, remove the soft plastic guard and begin the shave.

My wife performed the shave on my face and neck so we could see how well the Gillette Treo worked. Over the course of ten minutes, we did two passes on my face. She noted that the Gillette Treo felt very easy to manage; she felt very in control the entire time. She attributed some of that feeling of control to the comparatively short handle on the Gillette Treo. The extensive guard on the Gillette Treo made it difficult for the razor to cut anything other than the facial hair. As a result, while working to get the harder to reach areas, my wife had to push a bit.

That said, the Gillette Treo shaved exceptionally close and after two passes, there was only minimal blood. Under the stubble I had before the shave, there were apparently five pimples or bumps in the skin that were lacerated by the Gillette Treo. That said, washing my face and neck after the shave left almost no sign of the cuts and within fifteen minutes, my face felt clean-shaven and smooth.

The Gillette Treo appears to work quite well and might be ideal for having a razor on camping trips, travel or other places where space and weight are at a premium. Until Gillette puts a price on the Treo, though, it will be hard to determine if the all-in-one shaving solution is truly worth it.

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