Monday, November 6, 2017

For Those Who Have Use For It, The Wowly Pistachio Bowl Is Wonderful!

The Good: Durable, Inexpensive, Easy to use, Clever concept
The Bad: Nothing really.
The Basics: The Wowly Pistachio Bowl does all that it promises remarkably well!

Somewhere along the line, recently, I became a person who had virtually everything I ever wanted. There are a few "Grail Gifts" that remain on the list (with Robert Guillaume's passing recently one of the biggest is now likely out of reach), but for the most part, I have all I want. While this is nice for me in my day to day life, I have become a righteous pain in the ass for my wife to shop for on holidays and personal milestones. As such, she has gotten quite creative in trying to find gifts to give me. One of the most recent successes in her search for new things for me to use (and for her to give me) was the Wowly Pistachio Bowl.

I am a huge fan of pistachios and for the past two and a half decades, I have eaten pistachios with a bowl and a mini plastic garbage can for the shells, which I would then use in my landscaping. This was not an ideal solution to the problem of what to do with the shells from pistachios. The Wowly Pistachio Bowl is pretty much the perfect solution to trying to keep pistachios and their shells separated while consuming them.

The Wowly Pistachio Bowl is actually a pair of dishes that nest together. The top of the Wowly Pistachio Bowl is a 6" by 4 7/8" wide by 1 1/4" tall dish that acts as a tray for one's pistachio nuts. That tray fits into the top of the actual Wowly Pistachio Bowl. The tray portion fits snugly into the groove around the top edge of the bowl. The Wowly Pistachio Bowl is an oval shaped bowl that is then flared out on the long sides to have a hole that provides access to the bottom portion of the bowl.

The basic concept of the Wowly Pistachio Bowl is that consumers will pull a fresh pistachio nut from the top tray, crack open the shell, consume the meat within and then drop the shells through the flared out slots on the sides so the empty shells accumulate in the bowl below the tray. And it works perfectly. If one consumes a lot of pistachios in a single sitting, one might need to shake the bowl a little to settle the shells out to make room for more, incoming, shells.

When one is done consuming pistachios, simply detach the top tray portion and dump the shells from the Wowly Pistachio Bowl wherever one dumps their pistachio shells (I live in a forest, so there are a lot of all-natural options for me!). The Wowly Pistachio Bowl wipes clean exceptionally easily and it is top-rack dishwasher safe.

The Wowly Pistachio Bowl might be a very specific kitchen tool, but for those who love pistachios, it is perfect for one's needs!

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