Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Without Flair Or Much Aroma, Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner Does What It Promises.

The Good: Effectively repairs dry and damaged hair, Generally affordable
The Bad: Lack of a scent, Unremarkable results for the price, Not "cone free."
The Basics: Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is an average hair conditioner.

Growing up, Dove always seemed like a premium brand of health care products. Whether that was just a misperception of youth or if Dove has become a more accessible brand over the years, I am not entirely certain. But, when I sit down to review hair care products now, it is clear that Dove is not part of the inexpensive product lines (i.e. White Rain, Suave) and it is not in the same ridiculous price range as the salon-exclusive product lines. Even in the mid-range product lines, I still have expectations. I recently reviewed the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo (reviewed here!) and I found it to be pretty good. I decided to continue checking out the new formulas with the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner.

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is a conditioner that is okay. Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner does what it promises - it repairs hair over three weeks of use, it moisturizes hair and makes it more manageable - but it does it without any real flare. There are less expensive restorative conditioners that leave hair infused with wonderful scents. The net result is Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is a fine, average, conditioner for hair.

I tend to like Conditioners that make hair more manageable and lustrous and leave hair with a wonderful smell to it. The Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner did the former well, but not the latter at all. After three weeks of using the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner, my hair was incredibly manageable and restored from any places it had been dry before. But, it bore a completely neutral smell. I am a big fan of scents that remind me of good memories, but the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner does not leave a noticeable scent; it only leaves hair restored and manageable.

That said, the Intensive Repair Conditioner lived up on its promises to strengthen and repair hair. After three weeks of use, the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner had nicely restored my dry hair to a manageable, well-nourished state with a decent luster and it appeared to protect my hair from developing any new split ends.

With a cost of approximately $6.99 for a 20.4 fl. oz. bottle, Dove Intensive Repair is a mid-range conditioner on the pricing. The bottle is smooth and is more flat than round. When wet, it slips out of the hands easily. The cap has a flip-top that makes it very easy to get the conditioner out with only one hand, despite the potential slippage.

Dove Intensive Repair is a white, opaque conditioner that is creamy and smooth, much like a lotion for skin. It has a non-watery consistency and it is one of the thicker conditioners I have encountered. Because it is thicker and only spreads marginally well through the hair, I have to use almost two half-dollar-sized dollops of the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner to condition my hair.

Coming out of the bottle, the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner has no discernible scent and after hair is dry, any scent that the conditioner might have developed is completely overwhelmed by the smell of the shampoo one uses. I could smell very purely the new shampoos I was using in conjunction with the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner (after my Dove shampoo ran out!), which suggests this conditioner leaves no scent at all in the hair.

The Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner does not make my hair feel heavy when my hair is dry, though it did increase the volume, body and shine of my nicely repaired hair. For those for whom it is important, Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is not cone free, but I have noticed no adverse effects from using this conditioner.

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is good, even if it does all it promises without flair.

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