Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Inadequate Enticement: Purina Busy Chewnola Was Firmly Rejected By Myah!

The Good: Potential dental benefits, Healthy, Good ingredients!
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Myah actively rejected the treat
The Basics: Myah did not like the Purina Busy Chewnola dog treats . . . at all.

As many of my loyal readers know from my review of the Blue Dog Bakery's Peanut Butter & Molasses dog treats (reviewed here!), my beloved Siberian Husky Myah recently gave up the ghost. Her death was very abrupt and surprising, so much so that she left behind a lot of work for me as a reviewer. As well, she died only a week after I gave her her springtime bath. Myah had gotten a little smelly and almost finished blowing out her coat, which was giving my wife some breathing issues, necessitating a bath for the old gal. I felt a little bad about this as one of her very last bits of undercoating she would have shed ended up as a weird dred patch on her back when she died. But, she was clean and smelled great even as her kidneys failed. The day of her last bath, I tried to entice and reward Myah for being cool with getting a bath with a new-to-her treat. That treat was a Purina Busy Chewnola.

And it was very much not adequate to make Myah okay with getting a bath.

The 4 oz. plastic-sealed two-pack of Purina Busy Chewnola dog treats was so reviled by Myah that after Myah died not only was there one completely untouched, but we found the Myah Reward treat buried (by her!) in one of her blankets.


We picked up the 4 oz. package of Purina Busy Chewnola treats at our local discount store for $2.50 and while that might not seem initially expensive, it's pricey for something your dog would rather bury than chew on. The package has only two treats in it and Myah picked up the Purina Busy Chewnola once, walked it to her bed and barely interacted with it before she buried it in her blankets!

The Purina Busy Chewnola dog treats are hard rawhide treats that are coated in nuts, seeds, and oats. Each Purina Busy Chewnola is about 6 1/2” long, 1 1/4" wide and 1” thick. Each of the Purina Busy Chewnola treats looks like a granola-covered rawhide stick.

Ease Of Preparation

This is a ready-to-eat dog treat and only requires one to open the plastic wrapper to dispense. The textured treat requires no preparation to dispense.

Myah’s Reaction

The Purina Busy Chewnola treats smells grainy and not at all meaty. There was nothing in the treat's aroma to entice Myah.

Myah picked the Purina Busy Chewnola once, walked it back to her bed and did not chew off enough of the coating to noticeably reduce the coating. In fact, Myah was so unenthusiastic about the Purina Busy Chewnola that she did not interact with it enough for it to get covered in her hair or lint from her blanket when she abandoned it. Given how virtually everything in our home - and especially on her blanket! - ends up coated in her hair or lint, the fact that Myah did not even moisten the Purina Busy Chewnola enough over the week between her bath and death to do that.


The Purina Busy Chewnola dog treats are fairly healthy . . . if you can actually get your dog to interact with them. With at least 14% crude protein, 1% crude fat and no more than 1.5% crude fiber and 15% moisture, the Purina Busy Chewnola offers some nutrition for dogs. Made primarily of beefhide, oats and brown rice, this is a treat that did not appeal to Myah’s sense of taste, at all. Despite that, Purina Busy Chewnola treats appear to have nothing bad in them. The Chewnola treats have over a six month shelf life, but I doubt if Myah had even lived long enough, she would not have bothered to eat this treat! As with all dog treats, it is highly recommended that when you give your dog Purina Busy Chewnola treats, you make sure they have a decent supply of clean water available. Purina Busy Chewnola treats are not intended to replace dog food.


Myah showed utter indifference to the Purina Busy Chewnola dog treats and rejected them, making them impossible to recommend.

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