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Gross, Though Effective, The Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate Candy Bar Is Not Worth Trying!

The Good: Good ingredients, Does what it promises
The Bad: Terrible medicinal flavor, Waxy chocolate, Expensive, Poor nutrition
The Basics: While the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate actually effectively wakes consumers up, it tastes pretty terrible and is not a satisfying way to get caffeine.

I like trying a lot of new (to me) chocolates. Every now and then, I find something that intrigues me and I certainly was interested when my wife found us Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate candy bars. The Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate candy bars come with a hook of being a candy that is so caffeinated that it will wake the consumer up and keep them energized. The Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate lives up on that front.

Beyond that, though, the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bar is an entirely unworthy candy. While the very first taste of each Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bar is preceded by a good scent and an initial sweetness, the flavor transitions quickly into waxy and then medicinal in a way that is pretty nauseating.


The Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate Bar is a solid milk chocolate bar from Awake. Each 1.55 oz. chocolate bar is wrapped in a brown foil wrapper which has simple writing on the wrapper. The actual chocolate bar is 4 1/2” long, 1 3/8" wide and 7/16" thick. Each bar has four segments and the segments have the bar name and a picture stamped into the entirety of the bar.

The exterior chocolate is very light and simple. Individually, we found the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bars in the $5.00 range.

Ease Of Preparation

Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bars are chocolate, not preparing any sort of chocolate recipe. Preparing them is as easy as opening the wrapper and pulling the chocolate bar out. I recommend eating this segment by segment, not just biting right into the bar, because its key selling point is providing a caffeine hit to the consumer. It makes sense to try one's first bar segment by segment to see how one's own body reacts to it.


The Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bar smells sweet and chocolatey. The aroma is distinct and inviting, enough to entice those who might like a sweet milk chocolate.

In the mouth, the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate is sweet and dry . . . and unfortunately waxy. The chocolate flavor is surprisingly underwhelming as it is quickly overtaken by the waxy chocolate flavor that then finishes surprisingly sour. In fact, the finishing flavor of the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate is utterly unpleasant and almost medicinal in the way it tastes.

The Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bar does energize, but the gross sour aftertaste makes it entirely not worth trying.


Awake makes their fine chocolates with fine ingredients, which is arguably why they are so expensive. With the primary ingredients being sugar, cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bars are not a wonderful food to try to survive on. However, Awake does use natural ingredients and none of them are unpronounceable. Obviously, this candy bar includes added caffeine, so it is not recommended for anyone with a heart condition or other medical conditions that might be affected by caffeine.

In a single-bar serving, there are 230 calories, 110 of which are from fat. This represents 19% of one's RDA of fat (36% of the RDA of saturated fat). Each bar has 35 mg of sodium and 2 grams of one's daily protein. In other words, this is not a snack to try to survive on, as it does not contain significant amounts of any vitamins or minerals.


Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate candy bars are a durable, hard chocolate. Kept in its plastic foil wrapper, it seems like these bars would last pretty much indefinitely (though the expiration date indicates these have about a year recommended shelf-life). None of the Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bars I have had have spoiled or in any way gone bad. It is hard to imagine what could spoil these bars outside of melting and refreezing.

Clean-up is easy, so long as the chocolate does not melt. The Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate bars have wrappers that ought to be properly disposed of, but otherwise, the chocolate washes off skin and non-porous surfaces. If the chocolate melts onto fabric, consult a fabric guide; this chocolate will stain.


Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate Bars might live up to their promise to caffeinate the consumer, but there are far more enjoyable ways to get one's caffeine . . . or candy!

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