Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Corporate Powers Limitation Amendment

[After every major ruling at the Supreme Court, the intent of the Framers of the United States Constitution was that new laws and Amendments would be written in order to better enumerate the Rights of citizens of the United States and the laws of the nation. There has not been an Amendment that explicitly defines the limitations of business entities and protects the rights of citizens of the United States. What follows is my proposed Amendment to the United States Constitution which is intended to more clearly define the responsibilities and obligations of business entities operating within the United States and protect the citizens of the United States from their influence. Please feel free to share this with your State's Senators and Representatives in the United States Congress.]

The Corporate Powers Limitation Amendment

In the course of regulating the economy of the United States, no corporation, business entity or political party may be utilized to assert the beliefs of their members over the inherent human rights or Constitutionally-protected Freedoms of citizens of the United States Of America. Every citizen in the United States shall enjoy the protections and Freedoms of the United States Constitution, whereas collections of citizens, foreigners, or entities legally created for the purpose of doing business – for profit or for charity – shall enjoy no protections not enumerated herewith.

Business entities shall enjoy no inherent human rights and the inherent human rights of citizens – consumer and employee – may not be infringed upon in any way that diminishes their Rights as defined by the Constitution Of The United States and/or its prior Amendments.

Section 1: Responsibilities Of Corporate Entities

In order to patent ideas or inventions, produce or sell products, and/or employ citizens in the United States the corporate entities created for such purposes shall abide by higher standards which limit their legal standing to protect the public good of the citizens of the United States:

All corporate entities and the officers therewith are bound to tell the truth in all matters pertaining to the execution of their business activities,

All corporate entities must compensate citizens directly employed or through outside contracts in a manner that allows those citizen employees no less than the ability to meet the basic needs of their survival without relying upon other programs – charitable, corporate, or government-based. The cost of doing business within the United States Of America shall include compensating employees at a living wage as defined as no less than the ability of those citizens to earn enough money for food, clothing, shelter and services in the public good within a useful and reasonable interval,

All corporations and business entities shall be required to pay taxes to the United States Of America and the states wherein business is conducted in order to fund the public good and programs dictated by the Federal and State governments,

All corporate entities must protect the health and safety of those employed at their facilities and the citizens who use their products from any defect or danger represented by their product or the process of manufacturing it. Employees and the public shall be made aware of all real and probable dangers posed to citizens by any product sold in the United States or manufactured therein.

Section 2: Privileges Imbued To Corporate Entities

Corporations or business entities shall enjoy no unenumerated rights implied to citizens that are not made explicit by Amendment or Federal law. However, responsible business entities shall enjoy the privilege of selling their products within the United States, contributing to the public good through employing citizens and paying taxes, winning rights as defined by patent laws, and exporting goods and services as defined through applicable treaties and international laws. Treaties and international laws may not be used to subsume the rights of citizens of the United States to circumvent the protections of this Amendment or to import products or utilize services that explicitly undermine the protections to citizens of the United States enumerated herein.

© 2014 W.L. Swarts. May not be reprinted without permission.

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