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Fruity, Delicious, (Mostly) Nutritious: Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Satisfies!

The Good: Great taste, Nutritious, Wonderful ingredients
The Bad: Expensive
The Basics: Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Fruit Juice Smoothie might be their most distinctive berry-flavored beverage from the health drink company.

One of the nice things about my mother-in-law coming to visit is that it encourages my wife and I to try new things and we usually end up sharing exciting new (to us) products with my mother-in-law. On her last trip, she actually picked something up that was new to us! As a fan of Bolthouse Farms beverages, I was pretty psyched when my mother-in-law picked up a big bottle of Berry Boost, a flavor I had yet to try, and left it behind when she left! While some of the blends that Bolthouse Farms produces fall just a little short with me for failing to have a distinctive flavor, the Berry Boost is not one of those blends! While there are a number of flavors in the drink, the net result is a pretty diversified flavor as opposed to a generic mash flavor.

Berry Boost Fruit Juice Smoothie is pretty wonderful and well worth trying for anyone who is looking for a much healthier alternative to standard fruit juice.


Bolthouse Farms is a health drink brand, which is like an energy drink except that is designed for more of a full-health solution (as opposed to being a liquid vitamin supplement) and they tend to taste better. This is a fruit beverage that uses real fruit juice to bring consumers nutrients, as opposed to the beverages that are infused with extra vitamins and minerals. Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost comes in a 15.2 fl. oz. plastic bottle that is smooth and very portable. The #1 recyclable bottle is filled with the opaque dark purple liquid, which looks much like a bunch of fruit was just blended together, that is Berry Boost. Bolthouse Farms juice products is one of the leading manufacturer of healthy prepared beverages, both of fruit juices and dairy beverages.

The 15.2 fl. oz. bottle is intended to give consumers just under two servings, which seems pretty ridiculous to me. For some strange reason, Bolthouse Farms cheaps out on a full 16 fl. oz. bottle, which would be two servings.

Ease Of Preparation

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost is a liquid in the 15.2 fl. oz. bottle and is a ready-to-drink beverage. So, preparation is as easy as opening a plastic bottle. Berry Boost has a plastic cap that easily twists off and can be put back on in order to reseal it. It is important to note that this is supposed to be refrigerated, so quality of the beverage may degrade if it is left out at room temperature before or after the bottle is open. This has a pretty standard security seal ring around the lower half of the cap and informs the consumer as to whether the product has been opened by cracking off when the top is twisted.


The Berry Boost is exceptionally fruity in its bouquet. The smell is strongly of blueberries and strawberries. I was surprised by how much the aroma from this beverage carries the scent of banana in it as well.

In the mouth, the flavor of berries dominates the palate entirely. The fruit flavor is very much the flavor of raspberries and strawberries blended together. The fruit flavor is entirely true and as a result, it has a slightly sour finishing taste that follows the initial sweetness of the beverage. The Berry Boost has an intriguing flavor that can change with temperature or just from various sips. As a result, I had mouthfuls that bore more of an apple, blueberry or even a slight banana flavor instead of the solid raspberry and strawberry juice flavor the drink initially possessed!

This Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost has a slightly sour aftertaste, but it does not linger for more than a minute or two on the tongue.


As a healthy fruit beverage, Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Fruit Smoothie is designed to fill in some of the nutritional gaps one might have in their diet, while tasting pretty awesome to boot! Nutritionally, Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost is a great option for those who are dieting or are trying to improve their health. Berry Boost is primarily composed of apple puree from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, and blackberry puree. It contains nothing bad, but does have a few vitamins pumped into it at the end of the list. It is gluten free and does not appear to contain any meat or dairy products in it, so it IS Vegan compliant! As well, there are no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors or genetically modified ingredients!

This drink is very healthy. One serving of Berry Boost has no fat and 130 calories. While there are 24 grams of sugars, the beverage has no cholesterol and a single gram of protein! Rather nicely, there are only 15 mg (1% RDA) of sodium in each serving. A single serving is a sufficient source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. One serving has five times your daily needs for Vitamin C!


Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost comes in a plastic bottle and it keeps for only a few months, but it must be refrigerated!

This drink is a fruit product and dark purple. If this gets on clothes, it will certainly stain them. Consult a care guide for your clothes, though I suspect light clothes would need bleach to get this out. Still, the drink wipes off surfaces easily with a cloth, assuming they are impermeable.


Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Fruit Juice Smoothie is a pleasant beverage and it is much healthier than most any berry fruit juice on the market, upholding the standards from Bolthouse Farms well! In fact, for a flavorful, berry flavored Bolthouse Farms drink, this might be their essential product!

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