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Truly Living Up To Its Name, World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter Delivers Great Results!

The Good: Absorbs odors, Clumps well, Cats seem to enjoy it, Good flushability, Smells consistently good
The Bad: More expensive than other cat litters.
The Basics: The only reason I have stopped using World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter for my two cats is that I cannot afford to keep them in this good stuff!

After having our new shelter cat, Timber, for almost a year, the only thing that has left my wife and I dismayed about our new petkid is the fact that he has never gotten over his shelter mentality when it comes to bathrooming. Timber still, for the most part, will run into the bathroom (where we keep the litter box), leap into the litter box and exert himself so much in an effort to poop quickly that he usually poops blood in with his stool. This saddens my wife and I, but the vet says it’s a behavior he will eventually get over (especially considering that Gollum avoids Timber when Timber is bathrooming. The thing is, Timber’s bloody bathroom excursions – in addition to, no doubt, being uncomfortable for Timber – leave our apartment with an instant olfactory revelation that Timber has gone to the bathroom. To say Timber’s shit absolutely stinks is an understatement; I see gas lines coming off it an hour after he poops . . . three rooms away it smells like he dumped right there! He has some seriously potent poop.

So, when my local grocery store was doing a massive pet product clearance and my wife insisted we try World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter (“Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen? It can’t make his poop smell more . . . and it will never be this inexpensive again.” “Okay, throw a bag in the cart.” *grumble*), I figured nothing bad could come from trying the new (to us) product. I never expected the litter to so completely and truly live up to its name! In fact, outside the expense of this litter, it truly is an absolutely perfect cat litter . . . in ways I would never have guessed a cat litter could be before now!

World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter is a pebble-like litter. There are pellet litters (which have bigger pieces that my cats, at the very least, refuse to use, though they are good for cleaning up spilled oil . . .) and the litters that are essentially sand-like. World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter is an interesting midpoint. The granules of cat litter are approximately 1/8” in diameter and truly are like tiny pebbles, though they are a tan/gray color that looks like aged wood. We managed to get our seven pound bag for $4.88. Twice that price for the quantity makes it one of the most expensive cat litters we can find locally. The plastic bag is somewhat inconvenient as it is not resealable, nor does it open particularly easily. That said, this has very little dust or ash to it, so when it is dispensed, it does not create a mess.

When changing your cat's entire litter box, one 7 lb. bag will fill an average litter box to the 3" recommended depth. The litter granules come out smelling strongly of wood and wheat. Seriously, this litter smells like wheat, like bread before it is baked.

So, what happens when your cat uses the litter box? World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Littercat litter clumps as soon as the cat’s urine sinks into it. I found it odd when the cats first started using it that the urine would pool on top for several seconds, but after a few moments, it will sink in between the granules. After that, the litter clumps into a solid mass. That mass does not break up at all when it is scooped or the cats claw at it. When filtering the litter through the cat litter scoop, everything that is not part of the mass filters right through and in my two months of using World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter, none of the clumps broke apart through the agitation. That makes the litter incredibly durable and easy to clean up to flush when it is used.

What is perhaps the most impressive aspect of World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter is the scent. Each and every time Timber and Gollum used the World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter, the scent of wheat exploded forth from the litter box. I have absolutely no idea how that worked, but for the two months we used World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter Timber’s shit didn’t stink. In fact, every time the cats did anything in the litter box, the bathroom smelled like wheat and none of the adjacent rooms smelled like anything at all.

The World’s Best premium effectively coats cat poop and eliminates its odor as well as it does for cat urine. In fact, the only way I'm usually able find the poop when the cats bother to bury it, is to scoop it out. On that front, the World’s Best premium is very nice because is sifts exceptionally well. Because there is no litter dust from World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter, it leaves no residue in the toilet, on the floor or in the air when scooping or sifting. My wife, who is allergic to virtually everything that can effect one’s respiratory system, had no problems with using or sifting the World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter!

What are the drawbacks of this litter? Only the expense. World’s Best is pricey, though it lives up to all of its promises, making it the litter with the lowest fuss factor. Every other litter my cats have used either requires more clean-up from ash/dust or it coats the toilet in a goo that needs to be brushed out. With World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter, one dumps, scoops, and flushes. There are no other additional factors to take into account when using.

Whenever World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Cat Litter is on sale, it is the cat litter I will refill my cat’s litter box with. It is, quite simply, that good and worth the price (even if I cannot afford it all the time).

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