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May The Fourth Be With You! The Star Wars Darth Vader Angry Birds Plush Still Disappoints!

The Good: Arguably the best Star Wars Angry Bird, Looks exactly like it is supposed to.
The Bad: Vastly overpriced, Low playability, Far more Vader than bird.
The Basics: The Star Wars Angry Birds plush Darth Vader is arguably the best of the pretty lousy toy line!

Happy Fourth! Each year for the last few since someone made the correlation between the release date of Star Wars: A New Hope decades ago and the popular Star Wars catchphrase “May The Force Be With You,” the fourth of May has become an important Star Wars holiday for geeks, myself included. As a Star Wars fan, I figure I have to review something Star Wars related today and, sadly, the next thing in my docket is the Darth Vader Star Wars Angry Birds plush.

For those unfamiliar with the Darth Vader character from Star Wars Angry Birds (reviewed here !), it doesn’t matter; the birds in Angry Birds do not have actual personalities. Instead, this is a parody of Darth Vader and a combination with one of the medium birds. The plush falls much more toward the image of Darth Vader than anything from the Angry Birds franchise.


The Star Wars Angry Birds plush Darth Vader is part of a current movement in toys where recognizable characters are changed into something else entirely. This looks strongly like Darth Vader’s helmet from A New Hope, with more obvious red eyes than one might expect for a product featuring Darth Vader. This version of the Angry Bird Darth Vader is a 5” in diameter stuffed character that is essentially a big black helmet that is supposed to pass as Darth Vader. And it does!

The Darth Vader Angry Birds plush does not include any sort of extended costume or body; this is a very pure representation of the Angry Birds Darth Vader helmet with embroidered red eyes and nothing that actually makes it look like an Angry Bird (no beak, for example).


There are no accessories with this plush doll.


The playability of this Darth Vader is severely limited as it is a plush and it does not have a body. Annoyingly, this plush falls over or rolls over constantly, so it is poor for posing as well. One supposes little children may snuggle with it because it is entirely soft, though the vinyl at the back of the helmet is stiff, but that is about it.


The Commonwealth Toys Star Wars Angry Birds plushes seem to be a failure commercially, as I never seem to have any problem finding any of them, especially this silly Darth Vader plush. One suspects as the current fad for inaccurate dolls and Angry Birds fades, these will rightly become worthless. As it stands now, they are vastly overpriced, even in the now-depressed $10 range. I suspect that the peak price has already been reached and that Darth Vader’s value will only go down as time goes on and people wake up to the fact that the Star Wars Angry Birds plush thing is a pretty lousy fad. That said, the Darth Vader plush is the one that looks most like the Star Wars character it represents and that gives it broader appeal.


The Darth Vader Angry Bird plush is basically a disembodied Darth Vader head that is cute, but not at all an incredible collectible for either Star Wars or Angry Birds fans!

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