Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Too Weak To Work: Glade Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy Spray!

The Good: Good scent, Easy to use
The Bad: A little expensive, Does not solve any problems/address cause of smells, Scent does not endure/does not successfully cover many bad smells.
The Basics: Glade Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy is unfortunately ineffective, making it too tough recommend or bother with.

During the Black Friday sale last year, I visited the store where I was working and tried to do my part as a good worker to throw some business their way. To that end, I spent a few dollars and tried to nab some good deals. Stupidly, one of the things I bought was the Glade Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy deodorizing spray. I write “stupidly” more because the Black Friday specials that did not sell out on that Friday were put on clearance by the next Friday (which was insulting and the Glade Sprays were one of the immediate clearance deals) than for the fact that the spray did not work very well. The Pure Vanilla Joy did not work very well and I did feel like a chump for paying full price for it (we don’t get an employee discount there).

A seasonal scent, Glade Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy is a spray air freshener that comes in a 9.7 oz. metal spray bottle. Topped with a plastic spray nozzle and lever, the Glade Pure Vanilla Joy air freshener is exceptionally easy to use. Simply press the lever and a mist explodes out of the canister (unless one uses it very close to where one is spraying it, in which case it forms a foam). A one second burst creates a cloud about 1 cubic foot in volume and that is enough to cast the scent around a medium-sized (12’ X 15’ X 9’) room. Unfortunately, in a medium-sized room like that, the scent is not overly powerful and it does not endure at all. Within two minutes, the scent of vanilla dissipates completely. The scent does not endure or cover up odors that are present, either.

The Glade Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy canister is expensive. For $5.99, the canister gets at least thirty uses, but the scent only seems to last about two minutes. My biggest gripe with it is that it does not address the causes of odor. In other words, if you have shoes that smell bad and use this Glade scent, within five minutes, they will smell bad again. Unlike something like a disinfectant (like Lysol) that kills bacteria that cause odors, the Glade just masks the scent. I would rather get more enduring value out of a disinfectant than an air freshener.

As for the scent, the Pure Vanilla Joy is exactly what it is supposed to be. The vanilla scent is strong and clear. The aroma is a French vanilla scent that is actually energizing and familiar and wonderful. Unfortunately, one spritz from the canister truly only affects the immediate area it is sprayed in to allow the user to smell the delicious scent. Sadly, the scent is not strong enough to combat most scents and it does not endure long enough to be an effective cover-up.

To be fair to Glade, their air freshener does not claim to be a disinfectant. But between the scent fading so quickly, it’s impossible for me to recommend Glade Winter Collection Pure Vanilla Joy air freshener.

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