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Myah Has Found A New Place To Rest: On The American Kennel Club Pet Bed! (My 100th Dog Product Review!)

The Good: Easy to clean, Stuffing remains fluffy for a while
The Bad: More expensive than other, comparable, products!
The Basics: The American Kennel Club Pet Bed retains its fluff and bulk for a decent amount of time, making is a good pet bed for medium to larger dogs!

It is an exceptionally rare thing that I impulse shop. In fact, more often than not, I avoid even opportunities where impulse buying might occur. And yet, late last year, I found myself out at a big box store on Black Friday and I actually got into the buying spirit. One of the big purchases I made (in physical size, but not dollar amounts) was the American Kennel Club Pet Bed. Myah, the Siberian Husky my wife and I have had for over a year and a half, has had a cobbled-together bed for the past year, since the Comfort Pet Products Pet Pillow Bed (reviewed here!) proved woefully inadequate for her size (it previously belonged to Mitzie, who was a much smaller cocker spaniel). So, when I saw the American Kennel Club Pet Beds on special on Black Friday, I thought it might make for a good gift for my special furry girl and I picked one up.

The American Kennel Club Pet Bed (product #AKC9290-HD in the American Kennel Club catalog) is a pretty simple, reversible pet pillow. This is hardly the most sophisticated or complicated product and American Kennel Club makes the consumer pay for the name (which is also a little synthetic leather badge sewn to one of the sides of the pet bed), but it does appear more durable than the least expensive pet beds on the market, making it worth recommending.

We picked up the American Kennel Club Pet Bed in the large size, in this case the 30” X 40” X 3” pillow because that was all that was available and it looked like it would fit Myah. What was advertised on the tags as 30” X 40” x 3” was actually 28 1/2” X 36” X 3 1/2". In practical terms, it is big enough for my fifty pound Siberian Husky to lay upon, at least when she curls up on it. This pet bed is intended for dogs, though both Gollum and Timber (our cats) have curled up on it together as well. The AKC Pet Bed is filled with a contained pillow (whose contents remain a mystery to me because even the cats playing on the covered pillow has not punctured the inner part of the pillow!).

The AKC Pet Bed is just a pillow, with one side a furry gray (with rather short pile, so it almost resembles a fur) and the other is a smooth, quilted black. The stitching for the quilted paneling is not ideal; within an hour of Myah getting her Pet Bed, two of the threads had unraveled. This had no effect on the functionality of the AKC Pet Bed and once the threads were cut, the unraveling stopped.

And on the plus side, the American Kennel Company Pet Bed seems to be durable other than the one cosmetic problem with the quilted “seams” on the smooth side. Also working to the favor of the American Kennel Club is that Myah likes the pet bed, meaning she uses it. The fact that it was not just money thrown out truly helps make the argument to recommend this bed. As well, the AKC9290-HD is very easy to clean. Simply unzip the zipper on the smooth side, remove the pillow from its case and it may be thrown in the laundry; it is that easy! Myah responded to the pillow well both when we initially brought it home and after it was washed.

The American Kennel Club Pet Bed (or, at least its cover) is machine washable by whatever method one uses to wash 100% polyester items (cold water, low tumble dry). For ease of cleaning, I usually shake the bed out outside before washing it in order to get as much cat and dog hair off before it goes through the washer. It takes about a full day to dry and it is recommended that it be air or line dried; I suspect excessive heat from clothes dryers bakes any residual animal smells into the Pet Bed.

That said, the American Kennel Club Pet Bed might be overpriced, but it seems to be comfortable for Myah (and, alternately, our two cats). It keeps Myah off the cold floor in our apartment and she seems to sleep very comfortably on it, making it easy to recommend as a standard for mid-sized dogs!

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