Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bland Scent, The ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie Wickless Wax Cubes Do Not Quite Thrill!

The Good: Easy to use, Reusable
The Bad: A little expensive, Requires other hardware to use, Not the strongest or most enduring scent
The Basics: ScentSational Oatmeal Cookie Scented Wax Cubes are not enough to truly entice those who might use a wickless candle!

It seems lately that my wife and I have been using both products that are supposed to smell like cookies, like the Suave Homemade Almond Cookie Body Wash (reviewed here!), and our wickless candle. While the wickless candle, which heats up wax cubes to put a delightful scent into one’s home, is an intriguing idea and it’s nice to have a change from the Baked Apple Strudel scent (reviewed here!) my wife has been using for quite some time in the device, our move to ScentSationals has been less than incredible. Our first experience with their wickless candle wax is the Oatmeal Cookie scent.

Seasonally available, ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie Scented Wax Cubes consists of six blocks, each one approximately 1” long by 1” wide by 7/8” deep and a medium brown color. These blocks take about half an hour to liquefy and the scent of oatmeal and cinnamon spreads out from the heated source that melts the wax. So long as it is in its liquid state, the ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie Scented Wax Cubes emit an aroma.

The problem is, the scent does not go very far. With some of the scents, the aroma effervesces throughout three medium sized rooms. However, the Oatmeal Cookie scent seems to barely fill up our bedroom or our bathroom. The scent never spreads into the rest of the house. Moreover, the oatmeal scent is very subtle and the cinnamon scent endures longer . . . but is not a terribly strong version of that scent.

ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie Scented Wax Cubes are a bit expensive. Despite the fact that they may be cooled and can be reheated later on, the scent never gets stronger. As a result, they use a lot of energy to yield little in the way of results.

Ultimately, ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie Scented Wax Cubes are a scent that may be easily passed by without the consumer feeling like they have lost anything that would have made their home smell more festive.

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