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Highlight Of The Season Two Costume Cards: The Walking Dead Season 2 M16 Costume Card!

The Good: Good image, Necessary for collectors, Quite rare
The Bad: None, really!
The Basics: The M16 Rick Grimes’s Shirt Wardrobe costume card is arguably THE The Walking Dead Season Two wardrobe trading card to make the effort to track down!

Like many fans during the midseason hiatus of The Walking Dead, I am going through some withdrawal from one of the few shows I bother to watch “religiously” on television these days. As a result, I find myself turning to my collection of collectibles to get my fix. Tonight, I find myself contemplating one of the trading cards I feel very lucky to have pulled from a box of The Walking Dead Season Two trading cards: the M16 Rick Grimes wardrobe card!

In the second season of The Walking Dead (reviewed here!), Rick Grimes came into his own as the leader of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. As Rick fought to save his son’s life and keep Shane at bay, he became a bona fide leader. Commemorating Rick Grimes with a costume card, especially a fairly limited one, brought fans of the Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead Season Two trading cards a very popular collectible to hunt down. Cryptozoic seemed to find the right level of rarity for their Wardrobe Costume Cards and the Wardrobe cards for any of the survivor characters, especially Rick Grimes, have skyrocketed in value.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Wardrobe cards are costume cards and the M16 Rick Grimes card is no exception. What this means is that the physical card is a little more than twice as thick as the standard trading cards. Cryptozoic took a set-worn costume, in this case Rick Grimes's Shirt, chopped it up and embedded it in between the two card halves. This means that Andrew Lincoln's original shirt no longer exists, save in the pieces in cards. This is the closest most people will get to an actual set-worn costume from The Walking Dead and given that Rick Grimes is the most popular lead character of the series, this is a great card.

The M16 Rick Grimes costume card features a nice shot of Andrew Lincoln, gun drawn from the barn shootout scene in the shirt that the card features. On the right side of the card is the cutout window which features the cloth piece from the costume embedded in it! All versions of this card that I have found have had a plain black cloth swatch.

The back of the card assures the recipient of the authenticity of the Wardrobe card. It states that the M16 features a piece of Andrew Lincoln's as Rick Grimes’s Shirt and that is pretty much the standard for a costume card of this style.

The value of the card makes it a great investment for those lucky enough to pull one from a pack of The Walking Dead Season 2 cards. Considering the M16 is one of the most rare The Walking Dead Wardrobe cards, the fact that its value is hovering just under a hundred dollars is astonishing from a collectible perspective, though it does imply that its value is at its peak. This remains one of the most popular cards to hunt. Casual fans may not feel compelled, but die-hard fans will want to hunt down Andrew Lincoln’s costume card and they will be rewarded with a very cool card and collectible when they do!

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