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The Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener Works Great!

The Good: Good grip, Easy to use, Inexpensive, Easy to clean
The Bad: Not the most durable grip
The Basics: The Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener is easy to use and clean, but has a breakable handle that can undermine its overall value.

After years of using my a very basic can opener, part of the gears broke off. When that happened, my wife and I found we were in the market for a new can opener. Can openers seem like they would be a pretty basic kitchen gadget, but as it turns out, there are a number of variables one has to consider when buying a can opener. The comfort of the grips is a big factor and based on the experience we had with our last can opener, I made sure that the cogs and gears at the head of the can opener were all metal, as opposed to plastic. That led me to the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener.

The Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener is a 7 7/8” long by 2 1/4” wide and 2 1/8” thick. The black plastic and stainless steel looks good and efficient. The rounded grips are very comfortable and they make it very easy to squeeze and use the can opener without straining one’s gripping hand. The handle is somewhat squared, though because it is plastic, it does not cut into one’s hand when they are turning it. Most of the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener is stainless steel and the plastic of the handle feels comparatively flimsy.

To use the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener, simply open the top of the can opener by spreading the grips apart, and place the cutting wheel onto the top of the can one wishes to open. Squeeze the grips and the cutting wheel will penetrate the top of the can. While one hand squeezes the grips, the other should twist the handle. That will cut open the metal top. One of the nice things about the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener is that the resulting open can does not have a jagged edge. The top is a little sharp, but that is to be expected of exceptionally thin metal.

The Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener also has an additional can/bottle opener – the hook style that one might use to remove the tops of beer bottles or puncture giant juice cans (like Juicy Juice). After two months of use, the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener has stood up as durable and it has remained as tight as when we bought it, despite almost daily use. Because it is made with steel, this can opener is easy to clean off with a damp cloth.

While the handle of the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener has shown no signs of wear, loosening, or just randomly cracking, it is the weak link of the can opener. Because it is a plastic piece covering a metal pin, the likelihood is that it will wear off or break there before anywhere else on the can opener. Even so, because this has not happened and it looks like it might take years before it does break at that juncture, it is exceptionally easy to recommend the Faberware 83036-93 Can Opener!

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