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An Expensive Sucker For Dogs: Purina Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide Treats Leave Myah Unimpressed!

The Good: Dental benefits (if only she’d take advantage of them), Healthy, Good ingredients!
The Bad: More expensive than many other rawhide treats, Myah does not consume it eagerly (or at all beyond the coating).
The Basics: Myah cannot be easily enticed to finish off her Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide treats, making them an expensive flop from Purina!

Unlike most consumers, my Siberian Husky Myah has absolutely no brand loyalty. She is such a good reviewer of dog products because if she likes something, she likes it, if she doesn’t she doesn’t and she does not care who makes the product. In that way, she is an exceptional judge of products. It also means that it is harder for me to shop by a brand and pick the winners with her. I would have thought that Purina, which has had a slew of products Myah has absolutely loved, would have had a hit with their Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide, which is why I was happy to pick the pair (they come in a two-pack) up for Myah. Unfortunately, that was not the case and as I try to entice Myah to finish her first Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide treat, I am left wondering what the heck I will do with the other; it seems impossible to get Myah to consider having more of this treat!

The 6 oz. plastic-sealed two-pack was a bit more expensive than I would have liked (these are essentially rawhide treats and I have found most pet stores locally have rawhide dirt cheap!) and the expense was accented by the fact that Myah was not an eager consumer.


We picked up the 6 oz. bag of Purina Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide treats at full price, which was almost $5. The package has only two treats in it and given that we got Myah hers five days ago and it is almost untouched (almost, but not completely), this is a pretty obvious dud.

The Purina Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide dog treats are hard rawhide tubes that are coated in a slightly darker glaze than regular rawhide. Each Real Beefhide flavor Rollhide is about 7 1/2” long and 1” in diameter. Each of the Rollhide treats looks like a rawhide wrapped hot dog. This should have made them instantly appealing to Myah.

Ease Of Preparation

This is a ready-to-eat dog treat and only requires one to open the plastic bag/wrapper to dispense. Because they have a glaze that gets sticky when heated, I recommend keeping them in a cool, dry, dark place until one is ready to treat one’s dog!

Myah’s Reaction

The Real Beefhide Flavor Rollhide treats smell like bread and Myah was entirely indifferent to them at first. Once she figured out that the Rollhide was a food product, she began licking it. She never got beyond that. Myah diligently spent fifteen minutes licking the glaze off the treat and then dropped it. She has not returned to it. I coated it in peanut butter and she only licked off the peanut butter when she went most of the day without eating.

Whatever the filling in these treats is, it is not enough to entice Myah. She adamantly refused to consume these treats outside the glaze.


The Purina Busy Real Beefhide Flavor Rollhide dog treats are fairly healthy. With at least 14% crude protein, 1% crude fat and no more than 1.5% crude fiber and 15% moisture, the Purina Busy Real Beefhide Flavor Rollhide offer some nutrition for dogs. Made primarily of beefhide, rye flour and maltodextrins, this is a treat that does not manage to appeal to Myah’s sense of taste, at least not beyond the glaze on it. Despite that, Purina Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide treats appear to have nothing bad in them. The Real Beefhide Rollhide treats have over a six month shelf life, which is good because ours might still be here in six months! As with all dog treats, it is highly recommended that when you give your dog Purina Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide treats, you make sure they have a decent supply of clean water available. Purina Busy Real Beefhide Flavor Rollhide treats are not intended to replace dog food.


Given how Myah seemed to only like the glaze on the Busy Real Beefhide Rollhide treats, these were vastly overpriced and not worth picking up. Even so, for less discriminating dogs, they might have great dental benefits if only the dog will chew on them!

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