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When The Fans Choose The Figures, We Get Star Wars Figures Like Ephant Mon!

The Good: Decent detailing, Good accessories, Cool accessory.
The Bad: Poor balance
The Basics: The Fan’s Choice Figure #3 Ephant Mon action figure is a cool, large figure that fleshes out Jabba’s Palace very well!

Every now and then when I am out, I manage to stumble upon a real deal while shopping. Back in 2002, I was wandering around one of the lowest-trafficked toy stores I have ever been to when they got in a shipment of new Star Wars figures. At that time, I was not really able to afford much, but getting the first chance at the contents of a brand new case made me giddy and my wallet light. Despite the fact that I was not all that enthusiastic about the Attack Of The Clones toy line that was out at the time, I eagerly looked through the box. As my luck would have it at the time, the case that the store got in was one of the first to have the non-Episode 2 figures (even though they were on the same card). So, when I saw the giant Ephant Mon figure – and confirmed that it, like all the others, were only $5.99/ea. – I bought both!

For those unfamiliar with the Ephant Mon, he was a background alien seen in Return Of The Jedi (reviewed here!). In Jabba’s palace, the mammoth puppet with the look of a geriatric alligator wearing elephant skin was Ephant Mon, Jabba’s Head Of Security.

The 4" the Ephant Mon figure from the extended Attack Of The Clones Collection is only version of Ephant Mon yet made. With the sticker that indicates that this is Fan’s Choice Figure No. 3, Ephant Mon instantly had collectible value based on his size and apparent demand!


The Ephant Mon figure stands 4 1/2" tall to the top of his hooded head. This massive figure – in scale with the 4” line – is also 3 1/2” deep and 4 1/2” wide! He is dressed in the dirty brown and black robes that he appeared in as a background creature and Hasbro did a good job on the detailing of the costume. The cloak has a little bit of texture to it and that makes it look like it is burlap or another rough fabric. Peeking out from his robes is Ephant Mon himself. Ephant Mon has a long, descending trunk, with wrinkled gray skin. His hands are three gnarled fingers with no molded on nails, but grotesquely twisted knuckles. His feet are like elephant hooves, down to the giant, rounded nails. Ephant Mon also has a tail which is actually reminiscent of a lion’s tail! Hasbo even molded a little tuft of filthy hair coming out of the hood in front and descending down the trunk between Ephant Mon’s beady little eyes.

The coloring of the Ephant Mon is absolutely incredible. From the muted gray tones that are mixed with cream colored and dark gray highlights to give the character a realistic sense of depth and shading to the bright pink of the character’s tongue, this is a well-colored creature. The toenails are disgustingly highlighted, as if Ephant Mon has some sort of toe infection. The only part of the figure that does not look as photorealistic as such hideous, obviously fabricated creature could is the toy’s tail. It’s like Hasbro shot its wad on coloring the cloak, face and the belt pouches beneath the cloak that they ran out of effort on the tail and made a monotonally gray curled tail.


The Ephant Mon, powerful thug for Jabba that he is, comes with only one accessory, though it comes apart into two pieces. Ephant Mon has a vibroblade. The vibroblade is a 1 1/4” brown and silver-gray ax head with what appears to be a cattle prod attached. The thin tool has a handle which easily clips around any of Ephant Mon’s giant fingers. The vibroblade also attaches nicely to a hole on Ephant Mon’s belt. There, unless one moves the figure’s left leg too far forward, Ephant Mon’s vibroblade may hang until the mercenary needs it. The other half of the accessory is what appears to be a very heavy cane. The thick, gnarled branch has a smooth, round head which fits very well into Ephant Mon’s right hand. The bottom of the cane has a hole which accepts the base of the vibroblade to make a longer vibroax which may be held in either of Ephant Mon’s hands. Ephant Mon also has just enough articulation to hold the vibroblade in both hands.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Ephant Mon is fair in that regard. Ephant Mon has poor balance, arguably on account of his large size and the attempt to make him articulated. He is molded somewhat hunched over which makes him very tippable. When using his cane, he at least can remain standing. Ironically, Ephant Mon stands better in action posed than he does flatfooted! For flatfooted posing, it helps to have a playset which might utilize the peg holes in his feet for stability; he is way too big to fit in the cockpit of any of the vehicles.

The Ephant Mon figure is articulated at the groin socket, shoulders, wrists, waist, neck and tail, though much of that motion is inhibited by the robes or the girth of the figure. All of the joints are simple swivel joints, so his range of motion is pretty limited, especially for his waist. Because the descending sides of the figure’s hood is molded to his head, he looks somewhat ridiculous when his head is turned.


The Ephant Mon – Jabba’s Head Of Security figure is part of the Attack Of The Clones line that was released in 2002. He is 2002 Attack Of The Clones Collection figure #45. Ephant Mon sold out quickly largely because buyers saw his size and easily determined his value. Because this is the only Ephant Mon figure on the market, this makes for a wonderful investment if one can find it cheap now. Ephant Mon has already tripled from its original issue price and it is worth the inflated prices.


The Attack Of The Clones Ephant Mon figure might have his balance problems, but he looks incredibly menacing and fits in nicely with figures that have come out in the last decade, making him indispensible for fleshing out your Jabba’s Palace!

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